10 Professionals Beauty Secrets Step By Step

Professionals Beauty SecretsProfessionals Beauty Secrets Step By Step Below Get The Ideas

1. Take Care Of Your Brushes

The quality makeup brushes are made to last. According to experts at In Style, you can keep your new brushes in perfect condition. Here’s how First never leave a brush products on too long it could damage the hair advises Fiona Stiles, makeup artist. Then, wash regularly with shampoo or mild detergent. Finally, to dry simply lay it on a paper towel. Professionals beauty secrets “If you store it vertically the water can seep into the base of the brush and the damage,” says Jake Bailey makeup.

2. Rather Than Redo Your Makeup During the Day

It is not necessary to remove your makeup and start over during the day. “To get rid of excess sebum and refresh your makeup spray a mist your face tonic then dab it,” explains the magazine Marie Claire Eva Scrivo, owner of a beauty salon and makeup artist. Professionals beauty secrets for the final touch use a loose powder to make your skin smooth and silky.

3. You Do Not Need Expensive Products For Body Scrubs

You do not have the means to get treated to pampering in a spa?

Do not worry you can make your own product for your skin soft and silky. The online journal SheKnows offers the following recipe one third of olive oil for two thirds of sugar or salt that you add a few drops of essential oil (lavender or grapefruit, for example) and voila . You can now use a gentle exfoliating massage arms and legs before each shower (rinse with hot water).

4. Before Applying Your Lipstick

Before applying your lipstick make sure to have smooth lips. To do this, you do not need to buy an exfoliating product says stylist Fawn Cheng SheKnows for review. Simply mix equal parts of brown sugar olive oil and vanilla extract apply a little of this mixture on your lips and massage them gently. Then wipe with a tissue. Well, there you have to put your lipstick.

5. Accentuate Your Foundation

You do not need to use a range of products to enhance your foundation says Brett Freeman, makeup. If your foundation looks too pale at the approach of summer, you can make it darker by applying some tanning gel, she says in the magazine Real Simple. Professionals beauty secrets simple trick you cheaper than buying a new product.

6. Do Not Use Too Much Powder

During hot summer days, avoid powdering your face when you continually makeup, advises Lisa O’Connor makeup you may have the face covered with a thick layer of powder. “Wait at the last moment to apply the powder that is to say just before your departure. First blot the excess moisture, then sprinkle your face to set your makeup “she says in the magazine Total Beauty.

7. To Prolong Any Lipstick

To avoid retouch your lipstick Real Simple recommends providing a hint of powder on tissue folded place it between your lips and gently tighten the buffer. This is also a great trick to avoid stains of lipstick on your teeth.

8. Perfect Cat Eye

Professionals beauty secrets for perfect feline eyes try this trick makeup artist Julianne Kaye. “You just need a sticky note or a business card or a towel,” she says in the magazine SheKnows. Close the eye, place the card now, for example, under the eye so that it extends the corner of the eye (the end of the card should be slightly bent upwards). Now use this little stand to perform using your pencil, trace the “cats eyes” perfectly defined.

9. Eyelashes Dyed Professional Look At Low Cost

Lashes dyed professionally are perfectly separated, they appear natural and shiny and highlight the eyes, but you can achieve the same result by doing it yourself, says Kimara Ahnert, salon owner and makeup artist. Simply use mascara that gives volume and tissue. “Dip the brush into the mascara, then remove the excess by passing several times on the tissue. It’ll just apply it, “she says in the magazine Marie Claire.

10. Vaseline The Best Product For Your Makeup

Laura Geller, makeup artist and owner of a cosmetic line bearing her name, used petroleum jelly Vaseline to remove makeup she told the magazine Woman’s Day, a ritual which it is accustomed with her mother uses too such as petroleum jelly moisturizing lotion for hands. “Use it on a tissue to remove makeup performing a movement from top to bottom, and remove make-up alone.”

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