Our selection of 100 hairstyle trends and haircuts for fall-winter For 2023 is identified by our favorite hairdressers.

Long hair, bob, or shortcut… there is plenty of choices to change head!

What For 2023 haircuts will I take to school?

Each season new hair trends emerge. The hours of school ring and it is often accompanied by a desire for renewal. Skip the Barber case is the perfect option to change your easily head and start the new season on the right foot.

This desire makeover (typically female) almost touches us all “I let my hair grow and I try the trendy bob? Admit that you asked the question!

The stars were launched, they are not afraid of the scissors. Beyoncé has recently made the buzz. To reassure our choice, it should decipher what haircuts trends to adopt this fall.

Hairdressers were as always managed to be creative. The Bob adored stars lately, seem to be THE haircut of the season. This haircut offers many opportunities for hairstyles.

The Bob adored stars lately, seem to be THE haircut of the season. This haircut offers many opportunities for hairstyles.

For more girly, do not panic, long and medium-length hair is always in the spotlight. To make our choice correctly, it is necessary to adopt a hairstyle that goes with your face shape and temperament (see our tips here).


The half-tail is the best alternative for those who do not know if they prefer to have their hair loose or tied up.

Classic half-tail, braided half-tail, half-tail effect disheveled, here for you, the best hairdressing ideas to wear a half-ponytail, without doing in the half-measure.

If your heart swings between an attached hairstyle and a loose hairstyle, the only option available to you is the half-ponytail!

Ultra easy to achieve, the half-tail is a good hairstyle option to change the classic ponytail, and thanks to its many variants, impossible to lack creativity.

Half-Tail Hairstyle: The Models

Half-tail “chilled effect”, classic half-tail for a wise little girl effect, braided half-tail, curly half-tail, half-tail shell effect, the possibilities are endless!

Margaery Tyrell Twisted Half-Tail Hairstyles The Game Of Thrones

Bohemian version, rock version, it’s up to you!

How To Make A Half-Tail?

To style a half-tail, nothing simpler.

It is enough to separate her hair 2 starting from the ears.

We tie the set roughly in the middle of the back of the screen and presto, voila!

The Half-Tail, For Whom?

Even on a slightly dipping square, the half-tail is a hit.

>> And you, for which of these hairstyles are you going to crack?

Asymmetrical Shortcut

We love the asymmetrical design and glamor of the short haircut. (Vog)

Asymmetrical Shortcut.jpg

(Vog) Ideal Haircut

This very serious haircut is ideal for everyday wear in the evening they bring her a little volume for a touch of madness.

Charming Bob Haircuts And Hairstyles

Ruffled Shortcut

We love this baby doll version of the short haircut; the whole is ruffled for a very natural result. (Vog)

Short Haircut With Bangs

The fringe is not necessarily excluded when you have short hair evidence.

Edgy Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs, Short Edgy Pixie Cut For Over 50

Boost Long Hair. (Fabio Salsa)

The gradient provides the material and shapes with long hair. One does not hesitate to try to boost long hair. (Fabio Salsa)

Nicolas Christ Long Hair With Fringe

This length is ideal for stretching little round faces, the fringe highlights the eyes. (Nicolas Christ)

L’Oreal Long Hair

The result is very sexy. (L’Oreal)

L’Oreal Long Curly Hairstyles

The length is enhanced by lovely earrings here. We love the result still very natural Curly Hairstyles. (LOreal)

Short Tapered Haircut

This tapered haircut is ideal if you have very thick hair and you are looking to lower your hair mass. (Vog)

Fabio Salsa Romantic Long Hairstyles

The maximum length is a romantic wish; we love discreet and natural undulations that bring the material to the entire hair. (Fabio Salsa)

Franck Provost

Hair arrives here over the chest, this length is ideal for showcasing thick hair. (Franck Provost)

Jean-Louis David

When you have very long hairstyles, you can have fun brushing with a maximum volume to take in the evening.(Jean-Louis David)

Jean-Louis David Wrinkled

For a very bohemian hairstyle result, it crumples the whole hair. We can even add a bandana to her hair for the most nostalgic 70s. (Jean-Louis David)

Gerard Laurent

Long Hairstyles are always in the spotlight in September, to avoid the Rapala effect that can crumple them slightly and the result is very sexy. (Gerard Laurent)

Gerard Laurent Long Hair With Bangs

The fringe contrast here Gerard Laurent’s long hair with bangs, it is like the difference between the two, and the result is very wise. (Gerard Laurent)

Michel Devyn

The length here is very glamorous Hairstyles with maximum ripples. It an absolutely adaptable when you have long hair. (Michel Devyn)


The light shading indicates here to frame the face without losing the maximum length of hair. (Gerard Laurent)

Gerard Laurent The Long And Wavy Hair

Hair Lengths are here boosted by ripples intentionally wrinkled for a natural effect. (Gerard Laurent)

The Long And Damaged Hair By Jean-Louis David

We love the freshness of this gradient; the hair result is very punchy and boosts the maximum length. (Jean-Louis David)

Saint Algae The Long & Fuzzy Hairstyles

This hairstyle is easy and natural to tackle every day. Just simply let our hair dry in the open air. (St. Algae)

Eric Zemmour The Length Hair Structured

Shoulder-length hair is structured here with a gradient on the front of the hair that frames the face. (Eric Zemmour)

Schwarzkopf Medium Rock Haircut

At the edge of the grunge, this haircut could attract fashionistas with its originality. (Schwarzkopf)

Niwel Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

Fabio Salsa Mid-Length Curly Hair

This length perfectly highlights the very curly hair, the result is punchy. (Fabio Salsa)

St. Algae The Long And Damaged Hair

Long hair is very neatly done here thanks to the gradient pronounced on the front of the hair. (St. Algae)

Denis Holbecq The Length Hair Rumpled

(Denis Holbecq)

Fabio Salsa The Punchy-Length Hairstyles

L’oréal Professionals High Ponytail Hairstyles

To adopt this type of hair, the hair should be very long. (L’Oréal Professionnel)

L’Oréal Professionnel The Low Ponytail Hairstyles

To highlight the medium-length hair, opt for a low ponytail that will bring a glamorous look to the curved back of the hair. (L’Oréal Professionnel)

New The Shoulder-Length Smooth Hairstyles

Schwarzkopf The Long Thin Hairstyles

This punk hairstyle may attract more fashionistas among us. Do not be afraid to taper lengths to get the same result. (Schwarzkopf)

Vania Laporte the Voluminous Length Hairstyles

The maximum volume is a must in this fall-winter season, takes us straight into the 80s and we love it! (Vania Laporte)

The Shoulder-Length Hair And Serrated On Interlude

Full Volume Rock L’oréal Professionnel Hairstyles

The rock’n’roll shell is revisited with a touch of glamor this season thanks to the headband. (L’Oréal Professionnel)

L’Oréal Professionnel Mid-Length Hairstyles

They worked mid-length height. The volume and style of the hairstyle. (L’Oréal Professionnel)

Christophe Rock Hair

Christophe Cleavers The Peak Of Glam Rock Hair

Eric Bachelet Hull Vaporous Hair

Eric Bachelet is a success story of a pioneer of hairdressing. The hull is revisited in a light and ethereal version very easy to make at home, we love this hairstyle. (Eric Bachelet)

(Christophe Nicolas Biot) Retro Hairstyle

In the evening, we dare the eccentricity of the Max retro hairstyle inspiration.

Retro Hairstyle
hairstyles trends for fall-winter

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