Korean skincare along about the mystique of the Korean Stars, the way to help them is always brilliant, impressive public secret.

Here is the secret star of Korean skincare, simple but very effective.

Drinking Enough Water

Start a new day with a cup of warm water and wash your face with cold water for a few minutes. Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet as these foods will balance the amount of water in the body.

Exfoliation (1-2 times / week)

Exfoliation with gentle products does not contain bleach or skin is what you should do regularly. What kind of massage gel goes deep into the skin to remove dead cells?

Perform Basic 3 Step Daily Korean Skin Care

Cleaning: Actor Bae Suzy shares the principle of “424” on your own:

– 4 minutes removing the coconut oil, almond oil or any kind of bleach does. Cleansing is an essential step to clear skin, healthy and soft. Not only cleanse the face makeup, but makeup remover also helps remove dirt, sweat, sebum, and blackheads. At the same time when you combine bleach with gentle massage to maximum efficiency, smoother skin.

– 2 minutes massage with a cream foam

– 4 minutes then rinse with warm water and finish with cold water to tighten pores.

  • Apply toner (rose water): Instead of using cotton for the rose water and then absorbed into the skin, beautiful singer Yoona in direct hands were washed, patted rose water on your face. This is a popular beauty in Korea.
  • Use moisturizer: Apply moisturizer to your hands, rub well until warmed cream and apply on the face from the inside out, from top to bottom.


The skin masks of Korea have been tested over many generations and become Korean skin care products are the most popular in the world.

Each week you should facial once – mask cleaning (cleansing mask) first then a moisturizing mask (Nourishing mask) for soft skin.

If the conditions of the time, you can also make masks at home, especially the combination of egg white and honey.

Ko Hyun Jong recommends masking the neck from chin to neck so the neck skin is white and soft, a very big plus point for the charm of a woman.

Apply emulsion

The emulsion is a concentrated moisturizing gel penetrating the skin and contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. This step makes you a nice smooth skin, softer.

Apply Essence (Cream)

These steps help to make the skin lighter or white skin by absorbing the essence of you but not skin, not harm delicate skin. In essence, contains moisturizing ingredients to help regenerate cells and should not only moisturize but also prevent and remove wrinkles.

When choosing essence should be based on skin type and purpose to understand better,

For example, there are many kinds of high concentrations of oil which is good for aging skin but not good for young people because at that age, tend to have more skin mucus. Use the dab of essence convenience for any period when facials were both.

Serum For Korean Skin Care

For flawless skin, and hide age, Korean stars use an anti-aging serum. The wrinkle formation slows and prices for the tiny bottles are usually quite expensive, ranging from the U.S. $ 50-150.

Flawless Skin With Pearl Powder

Eye Cream

Sparkling eyes, a big round would not be nice if the eye wrinkles and dark circles after a long day at work. Therefore, eye cream beauty products are indispensable. No cream in the contour eyelid closes the eye as this easy to fall into the ice cream, stinging or eye irritation.

Day and Night Moisturizer

For beautiful skin, a healthy moisturizer is the most powerful supporter. Stars use moisturizers all the time, everywhere even in summer.

Train In The Face

These exercises are familiar with Korean actress-singer clearly read “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” 10 times a day to practice the lips and cheeks. Besides, you can also combine elastic facial muscles with breathing.

The simplest, Go Hyun Jung share laugh a lot because that smile is not the best exercise for the body but also increases the freshness emanating from within your soul.

Makeup Gently

When you own whiter skin, now you just need to apply some simple site, ps to help religious makeup to the facial contours.

Here Are Some Basic Principles Of Makeup of Korean Stars

  • Simple eye makeup with light and warm colors on the eyes, id, eyeliner combined with black/brown.
  • Use multiple Mascara for long lashes and natural curves.

Eyebrows-gel neatly with guys, A little blush, Use natural lip color or bare color.

Finally, the most important thing you need to remember is the style of beauty of Korean stars is less makeup and skin care. With beautiful glowing skin, you do not need too much paint still attracted by the natural and captivating.

Korean Skincare: 10 Steps For The Perfect Glow

Korean beauty products are currently extremely hyped in Germany. No wonder, the porcelain skin of Koreans is the beauty ideal of many women- non-porous, even, wrinkle-free, and with this beautiful glow. But do not worry, it’s never too late to start skincare – so let’s go!

Eye Makeup Remover

First, you should get rid of mascara and eyeshadow with a good eye makeup remover. Since the skin in the eye area is very thin, make sure that you do not rub, but rather put the soaked cotton pad on the eye and let it work for a short time and then pull it aside. The Korean beauty brand Mizon now has a cleanser that not only removes eye makeup but also nourishes and improves skin elasticity.

Oil-Based Cleanser

To remove the remaining makeup, an oil-based cleaner is used next. A few drops of the oil are massaged into the moistened skin and then rinsed with warm water.

Cleaning Foam

To remove the remaining residue on the skin, a gentle cleansing foam follows. Apply the required amount to the face and gently massage into a foam, then rinse with warm water.


Then an exfoliation is used. I used Mizon’s “Honey Black Sugar Scrub”. It smells awesome and can be distributed very well. Rinse with warm water after massaging.


Now a toner is used. This not only nourishes the skin but is also the perfect preparation so that the next care products are well absorbed by the skin.


After cleaning, it is now up to the rich to care. Here an “Essence” is used first. This is one of the most important steps in the Korean beauty program, as the concentration has a higher impact – e.g. B. a lifting effect – than other care products. It also prepares the skin perfectly for subsequent care. Keyword: Layering!

Serum For Korean Skincare

I used the Snail Repair Intensive Serum. With the pipette, just put a few drops on the hand and then dab on the face.

Sheet Mask

Twice a week is definitely enough. Unless the skin is incredibly dry, then you can apply the mask more often. I’m a real fan of Sheet Masks, as there’s an incredibly wide variety – with collagen, vitamin E, propolis, green tea extract, and, and, and …

Eye Cream

Many will certainly consider this step. That’s right, because eye cream is a must, as the fine skin around the eyes needs extra care.

Moisturizer & Night Cream

What is missing now? Sure – one more location! As I said, Koreans swear by layering. Therefore, a moisturizer and a rich face cream must not be missing.

Do not worry; if you read through the 10 steps, you have the feeling that the whole beauty program takes hours. But that is definitely not the case! In the beginning, I also had a little bit of worry about integrating the nursing ritual into my stressful everyday life, but it really is not a problem at all, because the whole thing takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you still use a sheet mask, of course, a little bit longer.

But honestly, if you take the time in the morning to make up, why not with the evening care?

I am curious if you also integrate the new care routine into your everyday life. Let me know!

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