Best 5 Low Bun Hairstyles In Different Stars Look 2018 2019

The difference Low bun hairstyles combining braided bun roof are classically minded noble elegance and very suitable for the office lady.

5 variations below will bring you more new choices every day.

01. Low Bun Curl

Low bun hairstyles curled looks complicated but is very easy to implement.

  • Step 1: Force low ponytail entire hair back leaving two strands of the two sides tomorrow.

  • Step 2: Roll the ends of your hair into a bun then use fixed pins chignon.
  • Step 3: Twist the turn 2 tomorrow curls either side, pulling toward the rear bun and wrap the outside of the bun. Then using the fixed pins.

Only 3 simple steps then you have completed this low bun hairstyle curl it. Make sure you spray the ball hair after styling to add shine stand out.

02. The Low Dust

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The highlight of this style is located on the roof and then blind Delete lets loose ahead tomorrow. Part hair behind tufts freedom. Styling to achieve a natural drape without being tangled fibers you need to take a bit carefully before styling.

Step 1: Claw care to get soft silky hair needed.

Step 2: Use large curlers, curling, hair curls, curly hair to create waves floating.

Step 3: To force the ponytail and create a low chignon. Note hand loosened hair look natural.

Step 4: Drag and drop the hair sides tomorrow for them to let loose in front.

Hair can look somewhat lacking tidy a bit, but you do not worry because of this hairstyle towards nature. A messy little beauty is a highlight for you.

03. Low Bun Combination Plaited Roof

A refreshing classic low bun hairstyle is to combine it with the braided hairstyle roof youthful dynamic. This hairstyle is very popular with Hollywood stars.

Step 1: Make the New Year a roof or sides depending on the type of bangs you to. If short bangs you can get an extra layer of hair to the sides tomorrow to make fake bangs.

Step 2: Create a style low bun whole rear tail hair. You can optionally create a circular bun or a bun roll.

Step 3: Wrap the pigtails of curls braid around the bun and then fixed with staples.

04. Low Bun Chignon Style

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This hairstyle suits those who own curly hair. This hairstyle is designed to honor the face.

Step 1: Claw care before styling.

Step 2: Make curly hair in curls.

Step 3: Perform the required low ponytail and the hairstyle twist rope, forming a chignon bun.

Step 4: Put up a few curls in front.

05. Low Bun Party Differences

This stylish hairstyle quite right when you attend a dinner party or important event.

Step 1: Claw care for your hair.

Step 2: Bending curly hair in curls.

Step 3: Make a bun low deviation hair a twisting hair rope again and wrap in a circle. Use of fixed pins bun.

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