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Best ways to stop hair loss! Even the hair on your pillow! Not to mention that your brush is overflowing. Hair loss is a common problem.

Here are some tips to fix ways to stop hair loss.

Best ways to stop hair loss At Home

Practical Info

All men and women lose hair. Naturally, without alarm, you can lose up to 150 hairs per day. It’s not scary when you know you have about 100,000 hairs. Each of them has a life expectancy of about five years but they do not all die at the same time (luck). However, the life cycle of hair allows the renewal of hair fell by new growth.

Called alopecia hair loss and it is a hereditary phenomenon. We check if our parents have lost (early or not) their hair. This is a good indication to start early to take care of our mop. Also, the hair loss increases with age. After 60 years more than 25% of women will struggle with this problem.

Also after childbirth or during menopause women are left with androgens male hormones in large quantities. This intensified production causes a depletion of the scalp and causes hair loss more intensively.

Possible Causes

  • – Hormonal imbalance or disorder of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism).
  • – A childbirth Pregnancy and childbirth disrupt the production of hormones that can cause hair loss in the months following childbirth (recovery hormones). This affects about half of the women.
  • – Infection
  • – Stress anxiety or emotional distress that causes hormonal changes.
  • – Medication

Good care

  • – During hair loss, hair treatments are limited aggressive.
  • – It avoids dry and brittle hair with our excessive use of heating appliances.
  • – We use mild shampoos. We avoid further traumatizing our hair. Rather it is the time to pamper you.
  • – We prefer cold water as hot water to wash our hair.
  • – Cover heads when we are exposed to sunlight to prevent drying our hair.
  • – Got natural bristle brush rather than synthetic fiber that damages our hair.
  • – We avoid wearing too often caps or give a strong elastic stress in our mop.

Home Tips

Brushing Her Hair

One might think that brushing our hair too often accelerates hair loss but it would be otherwise.

Magic Potion

Mixing 2 egg yolks 2 tbsp lemon juice one teaspoon of rum and a few drops of essential oil. It puts the potion on our wet hair and allowed to act for ten minutes then rinsed.

Massage eggs

We whip 2 eggs mass and then our scalp. The egg protein can wake up the roots. Then rinsed and cap. This massage egg volume gives a trick to disguise hair loss.

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