Curly Hair – The 5 Coolest Haircuts for Hair Trends In 2021


We reached the end of the year and we gave you some tips about the haircuts for curly hair in 2021 2022.

Whether romantic wave, strong frill or here you can see beautiful hairstyles for curls.

Curly Hairstyles 2021

People with curls know it only too well: For their hair splendor they are often envied. But curls can also be a challenge. In addition, curls require intensive care because they are often dry in their hair structure and confused quickly.

Smoothing them is also not a child’s play and requires a lot of time. Which hairstyle suits your curls, you decide – depending on the strength of the curls, your face shape, and your personality type.

Style Curls

It does not matter if you have natural curls if you dare to take a perm and curls your hair with a straightener or curling iron. A hairdryer with a diffuser attachment, the good old round brush or winder can help us to curls. The main thing, the curls find their perfect hairstyle.

Important when helping out: Always put a heat protection spray in your hair, because curling irons and straighteners (yes, even curling irons with the straightener) can heat up to over 200 degrees.

The play with hair colors brings also more tension in curls.

Our trend tip for curls: In long manes, Ombré-Hair looks especially pretty with lighter tips.

A pony is a sensitive matter for curls – and therefore definitely a case for the hairdresser. If you cut your hair too short, the pony pulls up and looks too short (and who wants to wear a poodle ear on her forehead).

Therefore: When pony cutting enough game for the curls count. Especially when it gets wet.

Curls – The Right Care

The perfect wave suits every occasion: beach waves to the after-work club, the orderly curl with the flat iron shaped for a job meeting, the wild curly tail to the date in the trendy café. Those who have no natural curls can style themselves for special occasions to the curly-haired.

Products that are specially developed for curly hair help us with this. They do not complain about the curls and you can create great wave looks with their help.

Even for the care, there are special products: shampoo and conditioner for curls, spraying or hair masks. Because curls only look really splendid when they are well-groomed and shine beautifully.

But what do you do with the – sometimes a bit wild – curly hair? We have great ideas for big waves, small curls, short and long hair and show you in our gallery the most beautiful hairstyles for curls.

Hairstyles & Haircuts 2020 – The Most Popular Cuts And Hair Color Trends

Long Curly Hair Cut Marched

There is no specific length of this cut and is suitable for long hair to short hair, leaving the hair and then follow your natural movement, pulling it out. It is a perfect alternative to wavy hair.

Cut Marched Long Curly Hair

Pixie Wavy Haircut

Perfect for women with wavy hair, perhaps combined with a long tuft that you can style as better believe it.

Pixie Cut Curly Hair

Perfect Bob Hairstyles Cut

Bob is already a few decades old but is just being rediscovered. Here are the coolest bob hairstyles for every woman!

For many, the bob is just the transition from short hair to long. But we love the short hairstyle because it just gives the right variation and length to every woman.

Because Bob is not equal to Bob, as current trends prove. Whether it’s praise or shag, the chin-trimmed haircuts are more popular than they’ve been in a while, because they emphasize the face, making them look younger and look super modern.

Why Bob?

Many women love their long hair and would not cut it off for anything in the world. But bob is often a great alternative to long hair.

Why? Here are some advantages of Bob:

It is easy to care for: Washing, drying and styling long hair can last forever. With Bob, you have it much easier and everything is much faster.

She weighs less: Who does not know it – The beautiful long hair looks always flat and powerless at the base. Because long hair has their weight and pulls down. Not so the Bob – Due to its length, the hair always appears airy and light.

She makes you younger: Long hair is a sign of youth? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Stand in front of the mirror and raise your hair so that it will bob-length around your face – you’ll see that you look younger and fresher immediately!

She makes you slim: Yes, no one will lose weight through a haircut. But the face looks narrower with the right bob length – Especially the Long Bob stretches the face visually and also, as already mentioned, less flat lugs make the face look longer.

It gives contour: For all, who have rather too long a face, the Bob is just as suitable – A baby Bob gives the face contour and makes it seem less long and narrow. In the right length, a bob emphasizes your cheekbones.

She is versatile: While long hair always looks very girly, a bob can do so much more. Whether sleek and modern or messy and casual – From fashion queen to rock star is the Bob everything possible.

She is feminine: Of course, long hair is always a sign of femininity. But the Bob emphasizes the facial features and the shoulders and makes the wearer look filigree and feminine.

She is sexy: a bob that bares the neck or plays around the clavicles? No man can say no!

Demi Bob Curly Hair

Modern Wavy Curly Hair

We always talk about a shortcut which in some cases could reach just above her shoulders thanks to the slip-off will be able to manage their curly or wavy hair with ease & Perfect for a chic and modern at the same time.

Haircuts and Hairstyles Trends 2020: The Top Ten For The Autumn Winter

Carre Marched Curly Hair

Medium Lengths Curly Hair

The helmet is particularly suitable for medium lengths, provided it is strictly marched. This cut has been the center of attention for 2020, especially in straight hair but also suitable for women with curly hair maybe a little’ difficult to tame.

Headband Curly Hair

Smooth Curls

Although a nature ruff can look great, women sometimes want to smooth curly hair. The fastest way to do this is with a flat iron, but hair suffers from it over time.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to achieve the best results without a useful styling tool.

Smooth curly hair, fast and uncomplicated: We’ll show you how to get a great result even without chemicals or straighteners!

Short Cuts for Curly Hair with cheeks & lipstick

Straight Hair Without Dryer And Chemicals

In light waves, it is not so difficult to smooth curly hair. The magic word is combing. First of all, you should buy appropriate care products that will make hair easier to stythe le.

There are now many shampoos, conditioners or sprays that promise smooth, silky hair without straighteners. After washing it must first be carefully combed through by a strand by strand.

Then wrap your hair as smooth as possible in a microfiber towel. This roughens the hair surface less than a terry towel and protects it that way.

When the mixture has dried well, comb again every 10 minutes – until the hair has dried completely. This will prevent curls from forming.

Straighten curly hair without straightening irons – what helps with strong curls?

If you have a lot of curly hair, combing is not enough – but a hairdryer can be your salvation if you want to work without hair straightness.

Prepare your hair with shampoo for straightening. Then massage a smoothing serum into towel-dried hair and blow-dry it first without a brush. Most products only start to develop their full effect when they are warm.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively protect your hair from heat.

Then you should put on the curly topcoat, only a few strands of the lower hair remain open. She cuts them off with a stick and blows them by slowly pulling a round brush from the roots to the tips. Repeat the process until all strands are smooth.

It may take a few minutes longer at low temperatures, but less damage and your hair look healthier. A spray with an anti-frizz effect provides additional care and ensures that the hairstyle remains smooth even in low humidity.

Smooth Hair Permanently: Beware Of Harmful Products

Smoothing curly hair can be quite tiring in the long run. If you are fed up with having to go to the bathroom every morning for a decent hairstyle, then products can help you to permanently smooth it out.

However, you should be careful with styling miracles for the self-application home. Ask a barber for advice. She can also give you more tips for hair straightening without straightening iron.

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