Dark lipstick shades of seasonal makeup. Less bright than a shiny red and much more unpredictable and interesting than nude or pink. Adding to our smile an indescribable charm and mysterious charm. They put us in the game of seduction wanting and not! And it is also the new fashion hit!

May the red color on the lips look beautiful, but the new darker shades raise the bar and tease us!

Captivating sensual and dangerous sinners, red dark lipsticks can become our inspiration, bringing to mind the legend of Mata Hari, with a gothic look refreshing or simple, because we can and we want to feel somehow the vibes of a vampire emotion!

Dark lipsticks fit in all of us without exception and since it is the hit of fashion, we can only try them. The best thing to do is to choose them according to the tone of our skin.

Light skin

Although almost all dark shades match us, on light-colored skins the colors that are based on purple make the alabaster skin even more attractive.

Stingy skin

Mediterranean skin type, often accompanied by a subtle palette. A deep plum colored gives color harmony, giving plenty of mystery.

Dark skin

We may be brunette or even have sun-dried summer skin. The dark burgundy or the shade of the mahogany binds perfectly, while most red-based colors match a glove.

By signing haute couture

On the catwalks, dark lipsticks have given their own touch to fashion, so if we want to be in the fashion we can only find the dark red that suits us. Let’s see, however, the most favorite shades …

1. Matte charm

Impeccably designed lips with the help of a soft pencil are a key point for rendering the matte texture to the darker shades. A very important point also is the scaling of the lips.

The shades of berry and dark burgundy then lend a image.

2. Dark Cherry

If a very deep or very dark shade scares us, then we can experiment with a lighter tone.

The dark color of the cherry is as much as, giving a warm light to our makeup.

By choosing a satin texture, we also win a flash of suspicion that fits perfectly into the festive mood of the coming days.

3. Deep plums

In any case, it is not the dark shade of berry, but the purple pralines in the color of the deep plum are the signature of fashion.

By choosing a semi-matte texture, we get our favorite shade more easily and quickly, offering our smile a mysterious charm that captivates.

4. Shine Glow

Wonderful matte and semi-matte textures, but we can also give a controlled glow to the tone of our favorite dark lipstick.

A very elegant shade for a fine finish of flash is undoubtedly the red of Burgundy, which can well be “dressed” with the princess’s title.

Caution! We emphasize sparingly the center of the lips, without applying a vinyl layer all over.

5. Metallic or Matchy-Matchy

The modern metallic texture on the lips is a point station for many of us, as it gives depth to the color and longer duration.

6. Lip balm with color

The darker the tone of our dark lipstick does not mean that it can not have a glowing luster.

The soft hues and reddish tones of the blueberry are considered ideal if we want to use the lip balm known to us all.

With slightly more concentrated dyes, they provide color and shine to highlight all the tones of the skin.

Excellent result

So after we found the tone of the red dark lipstick that will make us irresistible, now we have to take care of the perfect condition of our lips so that the result reminds us of the artwork! What are we doing;

The first, necessary step is the exfoliation of our lips. In order not to accumulate the color at some points and again to look like empty, two or three times a week we can benefit from the positive effects of exfoliation, as long as we choose a gentle composition to avoid injuries.

Dark Burgundy Lipstick
Dark burgundy gives life to the Rochas airy figures // dark burgundy lipstick
Kate Bosworth's Dark Color Lips With The Dolce & Gabbana Signature
Choosing a satin texture, we also win a flash of suspicion, such as Kate Bosworth’s lips // With the Dolce & Gabbana signature, the dark color of the cherry is the leading
Bottega Veneta Dark Plum Lips For This Winter Makeup Dolce & Gabbana
Hue the dark plum from Bottega Veneta and the makeup for this winter Dolce & Gabbana
Lilly Collins And GIGI Burgundy Red Lips
Burgundy red is intoxicating on the lips of Lilly Collins, but also on autumn carpet 2021 – Anna Sui winter 2021

A moisturizing balm before falling to sleep, every night, ensures elasticity and comfort in the fragile skin of our lips.

Hydration of our lips is still a concern for us during the day. After brushing the teeth, applying a moisturizing lip balm will become the new daily morning routine for us, enjoying the positive results.

And a trick makeup: We draw the contour with the special pencil and pass a trace of black eyeshadow to the center of our lips, tapping with the tip of the pointer. Then with the brush, we stretch our new dark lipstick and admire the result!

Dark Lips

Dark lips maybe it is rarely used because of the dark color of her lipstick and black generally make dark

Dark lipstick is used only for the moment many only.

Here are some uses of dark lips that you can make a reference if you want to look a little different.

Dark Lips Perfect For The Party With A Specific Theme

The party is not always synonymous with a luxurious atmosphere with the guests beautiful, graceful, handsome, neat, and elegant.

The party can also be created with a certain atmosphere in accordance with a particular theme. Gothic theme parties, for instance, is synonymous with all-black costumes and accessories.

Perhaps the dominant eye makeup black is very common to be found not only sets a gothic theme alone.

Dress usual no-frills gothic eve often applies eye makeup with the dominant color of black.

Dark Lips to Complement The All Black Costume

To make it look more matching with the costumes worn, the proper use of make-up should be a concern for you in look.

If you really spirited gothic and stay confident with gothic soul, you can express your soul with a gothic look one of which is by using a dark lipstick to your lips.

You will still look beautiful and graceful though overwhelmed by your dark lips. Moreover, if you are wearing a fancy black dress, you will look more charming.

Dark lips are now a part of the fashion. The circles as the band with the flow of gothic rock and even the fans of the band’s. Homage to gothic rock has also begun to use this style dark lips.

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