Eyebrow Tips For According Face Shape For Beautiful Look Face Eyebrow
Eyebrow Tips For According Face Shape For Beautiful Look Face Eyebrow

Eye gaze is an important part in the appearance, Many women improve the appearance of the eye beautify eyelashes, eyelids, and eyebrows, the third part of the eyebrows is the main thing that can affect the appearance and give effect obvious when a woman fix.

Eyebrow Tips For According Face Shape For Beautiful Look Face Eyebrow -1

So, lest you make a mistake in the beautiful eyebrow shaping. For beautiful eyebrow shaping and fitting, you have to pay attention to your face shape.

Here are tips on eyebrow shaping suit your face shape

1. Round Face Shape / Round

Characteristics of a round face shape are long forehead with a wide chin length equal distance on both cheeks. Smoothly curved jaw cheek without the salient feature. Eyebrow shape corresponding to the shape of the face is not too thin but not too wide.

The ends of the eyebrows to give the impression tapered. Then shape eyebrows slightly arched eyebrow shaping ends do not be blunt at the end because it will give the effect of more chubby. Examples of public figures that have a round face are Aura and Dian Pelangi.

Round Face Shape

2. Square Face Shape

This face shape has strong jaw traits that form a right angle and the lines are inclined perpendicular. The impression of stiffness in the jaw can be disguised by forming blunt at the base of the eyebrows. For the end of the eyebrow, you can blunt the edge ends so impressed softer face, at the end of half an eyebrow Draw with a slightly curved shape. Avoid sharpening eyebrow at the end because it will create the impression of rigid. Hillary Duff is one example of an artist who has a square face.

Square Face Shape

3. Heart Face Shape

Hallmark heart face shape is a tapered chin and forehead is likely extending to the side. Proportional to eyebrow shaping, a trick used is almost the same as a square face. Make blunt without tapering at the end of the eyebrow as a heart shape face already has a clear angle on the chin. Then painted eyebrows without curve or a little bit too straight. Justin Bieber is one of the artists who have the heart face

Heart Face Shape

4. Oval Face Shape / Oval

This face shape has a distinctive feature because it can be creative with all kinds of eyebrow shapes. All will be harmonious eyebrow shape and fit with this face shape. Thick eyebrows can be adjusted from moderate to heavy. Examples of the artist owner oval face/oval are Dian Sastro and Beyonce.

Oval Face Shape Oval Face Shape -1

Easy is not it? You do not need to bother to tidy up and beautify the salon for an eyebrow shape. Simply provide simple tools such as an eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush.

The key is when your face has a clear corner, avoid eyebrow shaping tapered at the edges. Conversely, if your face tends to warp, then the pointed end of the eyebrow is able to disguise it. Good luck, ladies.

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