Gold Tone Charm Makeup For Girls

Simple Makeup makes you more beautiful than ever. But you also should not add a little makeup because makeup will help you more charming. Let’s shine brightly like the sun by glamorous gold tone makeup.

Gold Tone Charm Makeup For Girls

Yellow is the color of the goddess is usually selected. Stylish gold tone perfect makeup for your eyes will contribute to glow for your skin.

The biggest advantage of gold tone makeup is that it works well on all skin tones, eye color and hair color. Makeup can emphasize tone gold assets proudest your face. Gold is a rich color can transform an ordinary outfit into something classy and elegant, warm and light to provide freshness and elegance to the wearer.

You can create a style of gorgeous golden tones whenever you want. You should also take a few minutes to create a great base for makeup to achieve the best results.

Take a look at the main steps in creating a makeup style gold tone charm!


After you are finished with the application of concealer and powder coating powder on the eye area, you can begin to cover the yellow eye shadow eye shadow.

A little yellow eye shadow on the eyelids to highlight your eyes and make them look brighter and shinier. Apply gold eye shadow on the eyelids, working from the inner corner of the eye and towards the outer corner. Mixing it lightly to your brow bone.

Then continue to apply a bit of neutral eye shadow on your brow bone. If you want more emphasis on makeup put a little cream on the corner of Gold’s eye then apply a bit of waving yellow powder eye near the lower lashes.

You can also use black eyeliner or yellow water is good apply it along the outer edge of the eye. Finish by adding a bit of black mascara to thicken and long mi your eyes hottest.


To achieve beautiful effects to your face you can also add a little color your cheeks turn red gold. If you do not have red yellow blush, you can also pre-coated and coated to blush slightly yellow powder it will give the desired effect.


With this style, you can also add a bit of gold on your lips. When you are dressing in yellow tones, stay away from the dark lipstick and lip colors should be used to replace neutral.

hot lipstick, lip gloss or very light pink with this style

By applying makeup elegant gold you can create a stunning look inside. Regardless of your skin color add a bit of yellow chalk will bring brightness of your face making you shine with the charm and warmth!

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