How To Chignon Bun Hairstyle Tutorial Without Foam!

The chignon bun hairstyle without foam

How To Chignon Bun Hairstyle Tutorial Without Foam!

Today, after the tutorial the real bun for the purists, here’s more for lazy: a bun style ball but WITHOUT the foam donut. I had seen the technique somewhere to turn a blog, but I can not find where! I made you a picture of the demo speed.

Warning, this is a hairstyle to do on rather crack hair, brushing the end of lifestyle as seen crepe, it will better to go through the check – conditioner after a shampoo! For very straight hair use a texturizing spray to help maintain volume for me, the top is the Wool shake I already told you about here.

For bun you must:

  1. A brush or comb
  2. Flat pliers
  3. Elastic

Chignon Bun, A brush or comb, pliers,Elastic

The technique is very simple:

We make a high ponytail enough as I had no mirror, mine is pretty messy with millions of tiny hairs that make the trunk, but you get the idea!

One pancake, i.e. on the brush to the different strands of the quilt, so as to obtain a maximum volume…

high ponytail ,pretty messy ,tiny hairs

The best, I think is to start from the back of the ponytail and let the locks of the above not crimped to the outside of the bun does not make a too bag – of – node. If you had the hand a little too heavy, re- brush gently and place this time, the locks above.

How To Chignon Bun Style Without Foam

Then we wrapped the ponytail around the elastic, like a classic chignon but do not over tighten. Then the flat nose pliers are the good place to keep the base of the bun.

classic chignon Bun

So, it only remains to gently pull a few strands of the bun to form a nice ball and voila!

classic chignon Bun Style

It is trendy and it is easy for the mornings were lazy…

Hair Tutorial, Chignon Bun Style Without Foam

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