Healthy Shiny Hair With Veiling

Healthy shiny hair program would like to share about the care and keeping the crown that give a plus for all of us for those who often wear headgear, like hats, veils or wearing the hijab must remain very attentive and also against their crown is none other than hair.

How that shine and health of hair still okay though often covered? Surely desperately need special treatment and if only by doing a routine like washing your hair everyday is certainly not sufficient to maintain the health of the hair luster too.

There are some Healthy Shiny Hair Tips that can be tried for you.

1. Choose Fabrics and Veils Quality By Prioritizing Comfort

When choosing fabrics and veils choose a quality, that it scalp and hair kept health. Comfortable materials such as cotton, if it is made of nylon or polyester typically heat quickly, especially when the sunlight this will make the temperature on the scalp up. If the situation is often the case even becoming so routine can cause stress and lead to hair loss and dull hair. Similarly, option is really convenient than models or colors are trendy, look for models that do not have a rubber a fast or strong or too tight.

2. Choose a Brush Comb to Comb and Comb Not Too Long

In addition, select a brush comb to comb because it can help to gently massage the scalp so that it can improve blood circulation in the scalp. While combing your hair should not be too long enough to do about 10 strokes or drag to avoid stimulating the oil glands in the scalp which will produce more sebum and eventually can lead to excess moisture so that the hair so it looks limp and scalp becomes moist when continued without treatment can result in dandruff and other hair problems arise.

3. Remove The Hair Ties And Hair To Breathe Outlets

Furthermore, given the time and let the hair breathe by removing or hair when I got home, open or must let loose headscarves and veils are worn as well as the bonds in the hair, the hair will get and have a circulation especially on the scalp. Only then gently comb your hair from the roots to avoid tangles and maintain healthy hair follicles also prevent hair loss.

4. Check the state of hair when I want to put on the cover, cap, headscarf, and veil

At the time you want to wear the hijab a veil or hat make sure that the condition of the hair always clean and dry. This avoids the problem occurs because if the hair dandruff hair covered in wet or semi-dry conditions cause moisture could be a “nest” that is comfortable for the bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff.

Well ladies these tips would be tried good luck……

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