MAC Cosmetics! The Singer Lorde Signed Limited Edition Make-Up
MAC Cosmetics! The Singer Lorde Signed Limited Edition Make-Up

The pop star Royals collaborates with the cosmetics company to create a limited edition collection, scheduled for June 5.

MAC Cosmetics is a guarantee of quality and variety in the proposals make up and are just as varied collaborations for the limited edition that are frequently launched by the Canadian home. After the announced capsule collection with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, which is due out this spring, waiting for the collection inspired by the film Villain Maleficent with Angelina Jolie, to be held in June and the Viva Glam collection with Rihanna, comes the fourth name for a limited edition of respect: the pop star will be the name of Lorde exceptional collaborations between next summer.

To make the announcement we thought the young Lorde, seventeen year old New Zealander with Royals exploded last summer that led to the victory of Grammys and other awards, directly from her Twitter profile:

The collection designed by Lorde for MAC Cosmetics should be out next June 5th, but the cosmetics are not yet clear where and how they will be distributed, you have a vague idea the other hand, on the inspiration of the collection, which can only be Vampy-Chic having regard to the passions of cosmetic Lorde: very dark purplish lipstick on the lips, eye liner to line eyes, pale skin and dark but perfect for an elegant look that still respects her youth.

Interviewed to comment on this collaboration, Lorde did not have those good words:

I love MAC Cosmetics since I was little. I remember having put aside the money to buy my first MAC lipstick, (Snob) when I was 14 years old, and we were using it in twenty people with my girlfriends! MAC has an aesthetic very clear to me if it is light years ahead in the fashion world. I am very excited to work with them on these products I always use, day and night. I hope you too.

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