Natural beauty Skin care tips 100% natural cure for dry lips and dehydrated skin. Winter dehydrates the skin and lips.

These beauty tips will remedy this gently …

Natural Beauty Care Tips For Dry Lips

Natural beauty care tips

The cold winter causes painful cracking of the lips. To protect themselves they must drink regularly. Also, avoid lipsticks that dry out. In winter you also avoid dust lip for a better grip makeup because it accelerates dehydration.

Tips and Natural Treatments

Home Made Balm with Honey and Rose Water

Heat honey slightly. Then mix the rose water (2 teaspoons) with the warm honey of the same amount. Let the preparation cool and apply it whenever you feel the need. Apply on your lips Shea butter 100% natural. This product is known for its moisturizing effects nourishing and regenerating.

Shea Butter Soothes Sore Lips so Not Cracking

The evening before going to bed apply a thick layer of honey on your lips. There is normally a layer of dead skin in the morning. To remove wipe your lips gently with cotton soaked in hot water.

Dry Skin

Natural Beauty Care Tips For Dry Lips

Facial skin dries in winter also. For it to soften it should also moisturize regularly.

Tips and Natural Treatments

Milk Oatmeal

Add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in 25 ounces of boiling water. Leave on the heat for five minutes.

Then let steep off the heat for 20 minutes before filtering. When the mixture is cool add 50 grams of cheese and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Store in a glass jar and shake vigorously before each use. After use applies a toner on your face.

Natural Beauty Care Tips With Tonic Cucumber

Grate a cucumber medium. Cook it in mineral water (75cl) for thirty minutes. Apply morning and evening preparation and always shake before use. Keep your refrigerator cucumber tonic. Do not use it after a week.

Lawyer and Honey Mask

Make an ointment half of the pulp of a ripe avocado. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix. Apply this mixture for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

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