Natural Smoky Eyes For Beauty Eye

Natural Smoky Eyes For Beauty Eye

Natural Smoky Eyes For Beauty Eye

Have you ever heard of a natural smoky eyes? Of course it is closely related to the manner or method of make up that can be done to improve the quality of women’s beauty. But there are still many women who do not know how to apply the make-up methods.

Some of the tips below may help.

The first step, you have to apply eye makeup for the entire area around the eyes. For those who are interested with dark smoky eyes you can apply a darker polish. Of course I am sure that every woman has different preferences on how to apply the eye makeup.

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The second step is to apply the eye shadow with pickup only. The thing to avoid is excessive eye shadow application actions which can cause adverse effects on the appearance and make up the whole process.

Natural Smoky Eyes

Next, you need to apply the medium color eye shadow under the eye. This color will help the media will transition the darkest color in applying natural makeup Smokey eyes. While it can be practically very troublesome but in fact such a move should not be overlooked.

The next step, you need to use a special brush to mix colors of eye shadow or darkest part V on your eye area. Mix in the curve of the eye that dark clouds can be created. Do not use low quality polish brush you know.

Natural Smoky Eyes-

The next step, you have to apply eye shadow which is colored or bright younger than ever particularly on those who want to enjoy. Another objective is to make the look more prominent brow bone. Many eye shadow products that you can use in the market of course.

Natural Smoky Eyes For Beauty Eye

You have to do next is to make a neat upper lash line. For a more dramatic look use a black liquid or gel liner to the outside of the wing. When having trouble you can ask your friends to help form the lash line.

Then you have to use a small slanted brush like MAC 266 and apply some of the darkest color and apply it lightly on the outside of the lower lash line. Be sure to be careful in the use of the oblique brush if you want a perfect result.

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The final step is to frizzle your eyelashes and also you need to apply mascara. Finish is a natural application of smoky eyes. Of course with the tutorial you will not have trouble not?

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If you did not have time to do the makeup yourself you can ask for help from others or perhaps an expert make-up of course. Of course it all depends on the effort, funding, and also the purpose of the makeup you choose.

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