Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Handbags Campaign


Jennifer Lawrence miss Dior handbags is the person to do it right now! The young actress won an Oscar recently is the new face of Miss Dior line. On the occasion of the release, Jennifer Lawrence  admits to being blown away by her Photoshop.

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely the rising star of American cinema. After winning the 2013 Oscars Jennifer Lawrence appears where Dior Haute Couture the next stage of her career seems to be moving towards fashion. In fact, the actress is the face of the new Jennifer Lawrence miss Dior handbags, Spring Summer! The choice of the beautiful chubby face was needed as evidence.

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Handbags Collection

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Handbags

It is under the lens of photographer Willy Vanderperre Jennifer Lawrence is ready to play for posing as can be seen in the making of the campaign. The result is sublime; the Jennifer Lawrence miss Dior handbags Spring Summer is elegant and refined in the mind of designer Raf Simons has taken over the reins of the house Dior.

Photoshop Jennifer Lawrence Loves To Touch! 2

The reaction of Jennifer Lawrence neophyte in fashion is also confusing. She tells Access Hollywood about the result “Of course it is Photoshop nobody really looks like that.

Photoshop Jennifer Lawrence Loves To Touch! 3

Here is a resounding statement raises a gesture all the questions and doubts. Jennifer Lawrence proclaims loud and clears the campaign is Photoshop and obviously, it does not reflect reality but worked version of an image.

Photoshop Jennifer Lawrence Loves To Touch! -4

In a context where any image is retouched in Photoshop, Jennifer Lawrence speaks openly of changes in Miss Dior campaign spring summer! Uninhibited the star says “I like Photoshop more than anything else,” honest nice words to hear.

Photoshop Jennifer Lawrence Loves To Touch! -5

Kim Kardashian Beyonce retouched you revealed the disasters of Photoshop and before / after. We must admit that Photoshop was involved in making the sublime Jennifer Lawrence campaign for Miss Dior. Let us look the other way it is aesthetic and not reporting two distinct areas. We welcome the sincere reaction of Jennifer Lawrence!

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