Hair careHair care without rinsing are not only styling products. Nourishing, anti frizz gloss or special their formulas protect your hair. Explanations with Louisa Benhamou, Trainer at International Wella.

What is a Hair Care Without Rinsing?

Hair care without rinsing can have all sorts of actions. It applies after shampooing on wet or dry hair according to the formula. It can be a protective moisturizer as “day care”, a concentrated nourishing formula for the tips a serum slippery sheath capillary fiber or a protective foam. The care moisturizers can replace without rinsing after shampoo because they form a protective barrier and preserve the hair from dehydration. But so far we must not neglect to treat from time to time the hair thoroughly with care as a rinse hair mask “says Louisa.

How to Choose?

Must choose according to their hair type and desired effect taking into account the formula the material deposited on the hair must not weigh example. The texture is important because it must not interfere with the placement of the hair. Conversely, a hair product without washing may be a little careful while setting it can be useful to protect hair while putting them in shape especially for curly hair or fine hair, says Louisa.

Finally, I recommend using regular care too highly concentrated silicones these ingredients are useful in some cases to shine and care to rinse but concentrated in care without rinsing and used every day they form a film on the hair which leaves hurt washing and thickens each application. Eventually the hair is “waterproof” and no longer receives care. Salon even this is a problem dyes and perms do more so the hair is isolated! Louisa warns.

I Have Curly Hair

The ideal is special care foam or spray loops to define curls while sheathing the hair. They avoid knots and allow formatting natural scrunching in the palm of your hand.

I Have Dry Hair

Head to day care moisturizing cream nourishing care anti forks or hair oils but avoid spray products containing alcohol which dries and forms “brightness” or “smoothing” often rich in silicones which form a film on the surface but really do not feed.

I Have Fine Hair

Attention! Here, the key is the texture Avoid formulas thick cream or balm that will weigh down fine hair. Rather prefer products as serum mousse or spray. To give volume you can also combine care that shapes hair with fixing agents.

I Have Dull Hair

Choose gloss or special forms brightness which sheathe the hair of a film ultra light reflector providing relief to the hair.

When and How To Use It?

Sprays and special anti frizz curls and liquid formulations can be applied repeatedly between shampoos every morning for their size styling. Simply spray on the hair and the work at hand.

Such care light moisturizers that you can spray or smooth with palms according to their presentation.

However, such care oils or creams can eventually weigh down the hair they are to be applied to light smoothing lengths once after shampooing and possibly re applied but only on the tips. Then massage your fingertips.


unless the product is specifically made for this avoid using straighteners ceramic plates or after the application of such care! The aqueous portion of the formula will heat with temperature returning to cook the hair. Which damages the hair terribly?

Care protective heat generation possess them heat resistant ingredients that act as a shield and are specifically designed to avoid the harmful effects of heating appliances.

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