What Color Eye Makeup For Blue or Gray Eyes?


What color eye makeup is the most important, regardless of the color of the eyes? But according to the iris some colors must absolutely be avoided when using makeup for blue or gray eyes. Between eyeshadow, pencils, mascara or even the color of the skin, some tips are needed for a successful makeup.

The look is one of the building blocks of life. Indeed, all the emotions go through the eye. Light eyes should be highlighted and value not to appear dull.

What Color Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

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Eye makeup can be an art form because it can give the eye, the shape may differ, intensity, color and a shape that varies with the time of day. For the day, we do not really accentuate the eye makeup; unlike the evening look can be much more developed. Makeup blue and gray eyes require in turn well-defined colors. The blue and gray eyes should emerge.

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It is, therefore, necessary to combine the color of her eyes with a complementary color. The latter is orange to blue eyes. With a beautiful red mouth, the effect is striking. Shades of eye shadows are preferred caramel, walleye, purple, mauve, pink, taupe or smoked. Black and slate will also agree very well with any hair except blonde because these dark shades can lighten the color of the eyes especially if they are applied with transparency. Eyeshadow copper associated with a mascara or eyeliner expand the look.

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For gray eyes, we note that the iris can be broken down into blue-gray, gray-green, gray-tan or gray-black. Many nuances that can make many colors. Recommended colors for makeup gray eyes are the black priority, dark purple, dark brown, navy blue. They may be associated with pinkish tones, melon, green, peach.

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The colors should be well spread with a brush for makeup blue or gray eyes is optimized.

Combine all colors

Makeup blue or gray eyes will with the use of the right colors and good materials, have a seductive look. Of course, we must also take into account the color of her hair and the rest of her makeup.

What Makeup For Blue Or Gray Eyes

Of course, if everything goes in the eyes, it is not too load up the face and lips.

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