Best 10 Medium Length Hairstyles For Curly Hair On Round Face Shape


The Women’s has round shape Face, so, those apply medium length hairstyles For curly Hair in night party and occasion. Let’s refresh your Haircut look with 10 different beautifully curly haircuts, nicely below. Medium long curly hair has many options and variations than you think.

Best Styles For Curly Hair And Round Face Shape

Pixie Hair

Halle Berry Pixie Hair

Let hair dry naturally and use sticky styling products to keep and provide shine.

Shaggy Curly Noodles

Solange Knowle Shaggy Curly Noodles

Solange Knowle is a girl so that updates and innovation fashion style 1970s. Her hairstyle is also the very personality that few people dare to try.

Curly Roof Lifted

Marion Cotillard Curly Roof Lifted

Massay hairstylist bangs style can match with many faces hairstyles because they are brushed off-side and not too short. This hairstyle is perfect for light curly hair, soft hair, healthy.

Curly Hair Lob

Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hair Lob

Long lob hairstyles not only for women straight hair. The only thing to note is not to the hair behind the wild messy. You should keep sticky gel to control the cotton hair flying stoma.

Shaggy Curly Hair

Rihanna Shaggy Curly Hair

This hairstyle is best for women with naturally curly hair like Rihanna. You also need to use hair care serum applied to wet hair and let dry naturally. You should not create this hairstyle if you own a hair hard course too.

Layer Long Curly Hair Constant Wave

Kate Hudson Layer Long Curly Hair Constant Wave

Due to the length of and trimmed hair layers, you have naturally curly hair strand to like Kate Hudson can completely conquer this hairstyle. This type of cut will flatter the natural softness of the hair. You try to layer long hair over the chin to keep curls curly ball. A lightweight gel spray will help increase curly hair.

According to hairstylist Massey sister of healthy hair is often hard to create this hairstyle like that unless they are willing to spend the morning waving regularly.

Shoulder-Length Curly Hair Curls

Annalynne McCord Shoulder-Length Curly Hair Curls

Length is the key to the lock of curly hair is beautiful. Like her Annalynne McCord long layer cut hair to help hair pulled down to make hair look the less ruffled mess and softer. If you want to type her face gently ask your barber, not to chin or collarbone, so curly locks still have enough hanging lose.

In order to get the volume and wave hair “swinging” as McCord, you towel dry your hair after washing and use cream hair thinning applied to wet hair, it will help control the better curly locks.

Long Curly Locks

Taylor Swift Long Curly Locks

Taylor Swift hair is ideal for the cotton hair curly locks are blocking. If the owner of this board, you trim your hair into long layers, separate the hair close to the bone cut into short oblique layer styling brush offset in front. If your hair is falling waves use gel swelling when wet hair also want to “tame” the hair, you need dexterity drying over a bit and apply gel to keep order.

Small Curls Curly Hair Cut Slope Class

Beyoncé Small Curls Curly Hair Cut Slope Class

This is a beautiful hairstyle all her own curly hair for the beautiful hairstyle like Beyoncé, ask the mechanic use cutting techniques surfing to create long layers, thin, trimmed thin (but not truncated) For dry hair after styling use a moisturising product to your hair and use curling claws bending couple of lock any more.

Long Curly Light Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker Long Curly Light Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker may be regarded as an ideal model for admirable curly hair. The lock of hair of the actress is not only smooth but also floating, vibrant, vivid for healthy hair, curly waves; you can straighten the ends and styling curly tail. Not ruffled hair tangled in the middle of the day use dry discharge applied to wet hair.

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