10 Details To Check Before Accepting A New Year’s Eve


To start the New Year in joy and good humor, it may be useful to stay alert and decipher the invitation cards. Twelve points that deserve attention.

New Year’s guests

The guests we know at New Year

A priori, if you are invited to a party, you know at least the person who invited you. But, if it’s your bailiff’s girlfriend, check the names of other participants. Knowing that the fewer we are, the more there must be nice people: in a party of one hundred people, five tritones are not enough to sink the atmosphere. At a dinner of eight, six.

Before Accepting A New Year's Eve

Better to count two very good friends in the presence and the girl to whom you stung Peter in absence. And since you know them, remember to pin the crying girlfriend to the second glass with the boyfriend who snores at the first. At the same time, remember that the year must end and start in a friendly atmosphere, where the notion of group is important.

Coming to kiss one person can be very embarrassing, says Séverine, 28: “Last year, I accepted a New Year’s Eve just for the presence of a guy I met a month ago. He was single, I liked him, I did not care him …

Those we do not know

Staying informed about guests is crucial when you are not in a relationship. Because, as long as the hostess feels invested with a matrimonial mission, she sticks systematically alongside the single service, basing the secret hope that this evening will be at the origin of the repopulation of France.

Instead of having dinner with your friends, here you are at a table where you do not know anyone and especially not your neighbors, who, moreover, want to expose you what they do in life. And if the only boys still available are 18, then you have a delicious evening. However, in this context, we can also meet charming people and great party animals.

Still, in the single category, find out about the farted guy who decided not to start the year alone. He chases you from the buffet to the dance floor, from the kitchen to the balcony, to talk to you twenty centimeters from the face. And that, the hostess knew it before.

What she could not predict, however, is the couple brought by friends. A trap in which Marine, 30, fell: “They were not very talkative, but we put it on the account of shyness. On our side, we had drunk a lot and we decided to make a Twister: a game seen in ” Friends ” where, several on a carpet, we must put the left foot on the red circle, the right hand on the green, etc. until someone falls. It’s a little kid, but very funny. They never wanted to participate.

So a friend thought it was clever to add that it ended in the orgy. There, they left, and the friends who had invited them made the face all the evening. ”

New Year’s schedules

Not to mention arriving early and spend two hours buttering toast dressed in a non-washable top, better check the progress of the evening. In this regard, Alexandrine, 29, was a little too distracted: “Two years ago, three-quarters of my friends were in the show or restoration. And, on the 31st, they were working. It was not the first time, and as usual, we decided to start without them. But I did not realize that apart from them and me, there was only one other guest. A girl I hardly knew and with whom I spent the evening alone from 9 pm to 2 am. She was very nice, but it’s long. ”

Watch out for show times, even if you are a spectator: in theaters, café-theaters or cabarets, the 21-hour session usually ends at 10.30 pm And when they offer “dance night”, it’s rarely before 1 am.

It’s up to you to find free places in the local bars to wait.

Refueling Seen in Lyon: the overworked caterer who delivers to you at 23 hours while the hungry assembly threw itself on peanuts. Seen everywhere else: the nice girl who did not want to disturb by admitting its intolerance to oysters, but quibble her plate of soft-boiled eggs.

Often, the grand-meal-party takes a hit in the standing. It remains the restaurant where, if you took care to book in July, you will eat the same thing as usual but three times more expensive with a sliver of foie gras on it. Also, to please everyone, the wisest thing is to opt for the buffet. We find scattered on the ground small pieces of salad jumping plates travelers, but we have nothing without anything.


Fortunately, a missed meal creates few disappointments – the Christmas turkey feeds until Easter – and ensures funny memories. On the other hand, the question of liquids must be approached directly, on pain of painful experiences: “I arrived at dinner with a bottle of wine. There, I found that it was the only one. For six. Nobody wanted to go for the alcoholic who brings his provisions, but, in the end, everyone wanted wine. ”

Marie, 26, had a bad night but was able to drive home. Conversely, I participated in a champagne eve in honor of the region. I was assaulted by a horde of waiters armed with bottles who wanted my flute to be short of nothing despite my efforts. I only had one drink, but it was never empty. My hotel was a hundred yards away, I took six hundred meters to reach it. Stewardship. Practical, economical, friendly, the famous method of “everyone brings something” knows its followers.

Nevertheless, it requires a sense of organization and equity. Indeed, between ordering champagne for ten and making a rice salad for ten, the nuance has a few euros. On the other hand, the one who just brings the bottles did not spend his day watching an olive cake instead of putting on some makeup.

The method also requires a flawless organization: division of tasks according to the skills and habits of each – entrusting the aperitif biscuits to the compulsive late-comer entails risks. But, anyway, whatever the care is taken in the preparations, know that at the last moment it will inevitably be missing something essential like bread or corkscrew.

No one knows exactly who should bring it, but the result is there: you will eat foie gras with crackers and slice the wine with a fork.

The place of Eve

The place of the festival deserves a thorough study. First, space must be adapted to the number of guests. Two hundred people in ten square meters are embarrassed. Ten people in two hundred square meters are bored. Then, if the room is isolated in the countryside, the room prevents you from drinking or going to bed.

In the same way, if you live in Paris and the evening takes place in Lyon, you will have to add the round-trip train ticket and the hotel nights. What makes you Eve at the price of a Twingo.

In addition, on the train, your pretty dress folded flat in your suitcase will be clubbed by the seven hundred pairs of skis en route for a first of the year in the mountains. About mountain, it offers a magical setting only in a cottage. Because in the studio, already three, there are two too many. In addition, the snow is indeed magical: it transforms the pretty shoes in cardboard full of mud. So, make sure you equip yourself: Tungsten dress for the suitcase, Moon Boots for dancing.

The dress code of the evening of 31

Aside from a wedding every five years and the awarding of the Oscars, the Eve remains the Great Opportunity to dress. Although not for everyone. If it is a party organized by bobos who did not want to do anything special, but together anyway, beware: they will be in jeans and you will mess with your lamé. Generally, however, as its name suggests, it starts on his 31. It changes and it’s funny, to a detail: the shoes.

That the one who has never known the sufferings inflicted by new Salome throws me the first bandage. Also, rather than finishing barefoot on the track, at the risk of crushing cigarette butts and welcoming the enthusiastic pumps of rock dancers, take on some extra shoes. Indeed, the Springcourt déparent the outfit, but at 2 o’clock in the morning, no one looks at the ground on pain of falling.

However, the straw is sticky and contagious. If a person has glitter at 8 pm, fifty people have glitter at 8:15 pm And they keep them for three weeks, at the very least.

The New Year’s playlist

Between electronic music and Macarena, there is a step that most people hesitate to cross – in one way or the other. As a result, unless you have hired a DJ for the evening, everyone is unhappy and asks to change the music because you can not dance on it (with the DJs, the same, but they send them off the caterpillar lover).

Apart from the DJ, there are two possible options: either you bring CDs and you cry when you crush them on the floor, or you release your laptop with its 500 MP3 titles and you scream as soon as a hand fiddles with your computer in search of “Gimme, gimme, gimme”. Caution, therefore, recommends abandoning the supply of music to others.

Not necessarily, according to Alexandrine, 29 years old (yes, the same as for the eve in person with a stranger, she is unlucky): “Since I had already lost CDs in the evening, where I bought the Star Academy album. Not very rock, but I assume. The others, no: they had all taken Air or Benabar. To listen, I like, but to dance …

It remains a solution: go in a box that is unanimous. As they are archivable, you spend your night in the car to cross Paris from one club to another. But who manages the car radio?

Accessories for Christmas Eve

The tradition of New Year’s Eve wants to kiss under the mistletoe. So, when one finds oneself at fifty sous a single ball of mistletoe, the evening suddenly seems longuette. If you are more than ten guests, be sure to tear and stash the first branch. Then come to the dreaded party favors. The streamers and confetti are tacky, everyone agrees. But, in case a madman of the second degree brings to laugh, pray that it is not at home.

Fanny, 26, confirms: “As soon as they saw the blowguns, the boys organized a battle, it was firing in every corner. Not to mention two pals who pasted confetti in all the books. Six months later, I still found small balls crushed under my couch and I could not open a book without taking out the vacuum. ”

Buy rather pointed hats. Not funny, but not messy either.

And who drives?

The one who did not drink. Agree before, make an Amish friend, or designate a volunteer whom you watch out of the corner of your eye all night long. Eventually, try the taxi (we can dream) or bring a down.

Now ready to face the usual disasters, you can invent new ones. These famous memories that we-laugh-in-ten-years and weld the buddies on a Happy new and ed.

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