10 Ideas For An Original Christmas Trees For Christmas Decoration!


There is a multitude of possibilities for placing an original Christmas trees in the living room. Most of you DIY find their account in our ideas fir and others, there are also original Christmas trees on the web!

Not want to pick up needles tired of artificial trees imitating badly truth no place in the house or just want to change?

1. Fire In Masking Tape

Just a wall and a free roll of masking tape and go! You can make a simple triangle or downright embark on a more elaborate version and graphic fire. The advantage is that it will be as big as you want!

2. Fir Driftwood

The driftwood is very popular in decoration then uses it to design a sweet Christmas tree and original this is a fabulous idea!

3. Fir Wood pallet

Wood pallet is widely used in decoration for lovers of Recycling given the number of opportunities it offers. Making a Christmas tree with boards is to opt for an original fir and “nature” as wood.

4. Fir Pounds

Even more original a fir book for those who have the patience and enough books to design

5. Fir Boxes

A stack of pretty cardboard boxes to form a Christmas tree here’s another idea recycling out of the ordinary. You customize the boxes as you see fit sticking paper or painting them outright.

6. A Tree Chalk

If you painted a wall or a wall of your house painting table, draw a nice tree … An amazing idea!

7. A Christmas Photos

Glue the pictures you like or cut pictures from magazines shaped tree on a wall … This is a beautiful way to display a custom tree.

8. A Christmas Dining

Decorate a Christmas tree with classic Christmas shortbread or build downright pretty tree by superimposing cookies! It takes a little patience but this is a year to try with children during the holidays!

9. Fir In Medium

The French firm offers firs Mottez 4 sides or 2 sides in the medium. They can be painted and customized to your liking. It takes 42.50 euros for the 4 sides of a 10-meter high € 67.50 for the large model, a 60 meter high. To order online because there is no distributor in Belgium.

10. Fir Recycled Cardboard

In the same spirit, Reno De Medici features a Christmas tree made of 100% recycled cardboard. It can be dismantled and can be easily stored and can be decorated and customized at will! Count 33 euros for a tree a little over a meter high.

Original Christmas Trees Photo

original Christmas tree

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