10 Magical Use Of Used Tea Bags

Used tea bags successfully removes dark circles and puffy red eyes
Used tea bags successfully removes dark circles and puffy red eyes

At the finest healing potions prepared miraculous leaves are very well informed but it is interesting that the used tea bags can serve well in a completely unexpected situations in the household and in the self help with the pain.

Besides the effect of tea is most effective as they claim Chinese doctors placing bags in the pillow which helps to clear your head and let’s think faster. Discover the other ways the used tea bag can smartly taken up by all before throwing

First Soothe swollen dark circles and redness

The used tea bag soaks in cold water drain and place as lining the eyelids. The tea has a soothing effect on the skin removes dark circles and soothes redness of the eyes after a long day.

Used tea bags successfully removes dark circles and puffy red eyes
Used tea bags successfully removes dark circles and puffy red eyes

2nd Remove acne

Leave the tea bag in cold water for a few minutes and then put in place inflammation, soothing properties of tea quickly and efficiently will act on the painful area and at least currently calm pimple.

“Chinese doctors claim that putting tea bags into the pillow helps to clear your head and let’s quickly think”

3rd Soothe painful sores in the mouth

The warm water soak the tea bag and drained is put on the painful area of the mouth, medicinal properties that have tea leaves will act as an antiseptic and soothing to the painful area. If you have any problems with sensitive tooth meat you can help in the same way.

4th Soothe Toothache

Tea contains tannins that can alleviate the pain. Freeze a bag of black or green tea put on the aching tooth and keep minutes repeat the same until the pain has subsided.

5th Remove stains in a toilet

Dark deposits at the bottom shell can effectively solve if used tea bags just shove it rest for a few minutes. If it is a stubborn accumulations procedure must be repeated at least three times during the day.

6th Feed plants

Fertilizer use to enhance the growth of plants adds content to a few bags of tea stir well and use to feed the plant. In addition to the longer maintain humidity country in pots tea bags soak in water and arrange them around the stem this is a great way to keep plants alive when you’re a few days away from home.

7th Marinate meat

When preparing grilled marinated meat is important because otherwise it becomes hard and dry, and with the help of a few bags of tea easy it can soften. Pour the contents of the bag to mix the marinade and hold her meat for 2 3 hours tea will give the meat a special taste and will it fresh.

“Frozen tea bags used successfully helps with toothache”

8th Clean windows

Tea can remove grease and dirt from the windows. Make it from the used bags cool and pour the contents into a spray bottle and simply used for washing windows.

9th Refresh your wardrobe and shoes

To eliminate unpleasant musty smell out of the closet put it in a plate with a couple of used tea bags to absorb odors and restore freshness to the clothes. Odors from shoes you can easily remove you leave the tea bag in the shoes overnight.

10th Enjoy the ‘less sinful’ drink

Want to enjoy alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and also are aware of their negative effects on the state of the organism deceive the simple trick. The used tea bag pour 1 ounces of warm water and add twice the amount of drinks in this way you will reduce the calories and sugar and flavor drinks improve.

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