Top 10 Eye Makeup Trends Hot Attracted Year


Eye makeup trends in Pastel eyeshadows, metallic, colorful eyeliner, eye shadow or lipstick pink gold yellow, red … trend and color makeup in spring surprise this summer.

Each season the fashion and always brought new winds of fashion & Along with that is the source of inspiration for beauty trend turns alternately shine. As usual, the spring-summer season this year as well as the convergence point of many new eye makeup trend and worth any special name. This article is for her fashion and always eager for new eye makeup trends.

Eye Makeup Trends Step By Step In Different Tones

Pastel Eyeshadows

Not only the external back on the floor of the runway, the “landing” of pastel and bright colors in the realm equally as beautiful. This year, that date is not met, while most experts are selected makeup eyeshadow highlight this, it also automatically become a way of make-up are the most popular spring-summer this year.

Eye Makeup Trends

Promoting excellence with gentle beauty, but not light kneading, pastel eyeshadow brings you feminine, natural and charismatic. However, if the color is a bit scary because I could not stand, bold lip colors will help you complete your beautiful face.

Metallic Eyeshadows

Capital adored by mesmerizing sparkle, metallic eye shadow has been makeup skillfully combined to adorn ladies eyes. Surely this is the “bulleted” key you can not miss this year. To create a radiant look, coordinate with sweet pink lips and blush tones are you okay.

Eyeliner Colors

“The truth” the familiar black border, the road eyeliner “7 rainbow” is a great suggestion for her personality and outstanding. You can judge by the elected eye soothing pastel colors. Then select and lined on the bottom lashes with bold colors such as green, purple or blue die. Make sure you will of “the queen of color” in the night for a party this weekend and see.

Gold Eyeshadow Gold

Bring warm beauty “akin” to the pastels, but yellow gold eyeshadow by the superior sparkle than noble. However, to unleash the power of this color, you should judge elected government or a combination of simple eyes with a thin eyeliner line. In addition, bright pink lips will help you naturally beautiful but equally passionate, seductive.

Pink Lip

Located between the borders of dark red highlights and deep sadness color, pink lipstick always advantageous benefits for can match any color, personality. Due to the multi-zi-function, it is the “core engine” full of foreign entries this year when ladies continuous and pulsed beautiful choice. To combine this with lipstick, you can freely choose between personality cat eyes, smoky eye or simply passionate eyeline with leisurely way.

Son Orange

Besides fresh sweet red lipstick, colors are vibrant orange lipstick giving you absolute inspiration for endless summer days this year. Do not worry its too youthful than your age. Because of the unique variations and colors will satisfy all ladies of all ages. If she highlights her favorite love this lipstick, keys for your own fresh orange tone down the way. In contrast, her work will find gentle strokes with orange sheer nude or orange soil “modest” than. In particular, due to the leisurely bright lipstick, you should only use gentle eye color to neutral.

Red Lip Gloss

Speaking of hot summer days, you certainly will not be missed for water lip gloss plumper lips, full of vitality. Back to the haughty red colors, this is not the “key” to her own desire thin lips plump beauty but tension spills over trend every girl should try in summer this. Let’s apply a layer of lip balm, lipstick sufficient grounds exist to and end with perfect lip gloss for lips perfectly.

Bright Red Lipstick

Still showing the heat “permanent” timeless, bright red lipstick is always the first choice for ladies bright sunny days. You should also notice whiter teeth and gently pick colors for eyes – cheek to avoid too flashy face okay.

Powder Highlight

Powder highlight though hardly unfamiliar with the ladies, but variations of the “light and dark” this year also brought many surprises. In addition to the familiar compressed powder for oily skin on hot, creamy powder highlight born as a “cure” for the wonderful rough skin. However, use of chalk as well as highlight 2 blade knives. So make sure that you are an “expert hands” in this typing to get natural faces and avoid patchy offline.

Warm Tones

Inspired by the bright yellow sunny summer day, the warm tones and makeup trends can not be ignored in this summer. Mot1 little leisurely bronze eyeshadow highlight powder bronzer with massive perfect face Adding orange lips throughout, you will definitely shine absolute pleasure for the day playing on the beach.

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