10 Manicures Grammy Awards 2013 Fashion Week In New York


At New York Fashion Week fashionistas lend attention to detail. Everyone wants to differentiate themselves in the good sense. And as everyone knows really nails one of the accessories headlights moment. Colors, textures, shapes … angularly speaking anything is possible.

10 Manicures Grammy Awards 2013 Fashion Week In New York 7

Just yesterday there has been a parade of stars manicures Grammy Awards 2013. Today we will do our tracking Manicure Fashion Week New York, just that yes. And we can say we fell on real nail art you might want to copy immediately.

Stiletto: At Grammy Awards 2013 the trend was stiletto output. Well at the Fashion Week in New York too. decidedly not made this style in sharp claws but apparently we will not have a choice. So we will have to adopt the trend stiletto like Vanessa Hudgens.

Matt varnish: Well, for those who are not super fan of the stiletto was dug other trends we love. The matt varnish we adopt without hesitation and even put a dash of sparkle to the French manicure.

Contour: Another trend is the nail varnish white example and just do the outline in black. Yes a style quite special and should not be easy to do it’s true but which gives a trendy and original result.

Cosmic Metallic: At New York Fashion Week we also came across a manicure indescribable indeed; let’s say a manicure trend cosmic a mixture of metallic color effect giving “the planet Earth from above” effect really surprising that we love. Just that we should explain the technique…

Texture: On the nails, we love textures. For that the best is still the mark with its effect Ciate caviar and velvet effect. If these trends are not yet at your nails adopt them immediately.

Emoji nails: To transmit your mood on the tip of your nails you simply draw emoticons on your nail. A trend can be a little baby but that must be a joke. Nails are our new means of expression and sometimes we have the right to take derision.

Duo: Here it comes to her nail as usual. 2 layers later choose another color varnish. And is superimposed on the two previous layers but without touching the edges the color of the story appear below. A bit complicated to understand yes, but very easy to do.

Strass: The rhinestones on your nails As for the stickers rhinestones are simply paste over your nail and give a 3D effect to your nails.

Zig zag: For a zigzag just put your nail just then draw fine lines zigzag color you want.

Gold: The gold is the color on your nails to adopt. This color goes with everything and gives pep to your manicure.


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