10 Minutes In A Harsh Fashion Week [ Part I I]


Thierry Dreyfus prices do not reveal dramatic effect for a concert but can estimate that number at 20,000 to £ 100,000. Said: “If you’re a young designer, I recommend not doing the show, let’s rent a showroom ask some friends to model for the collection and try to take advantage of the relationship with the press. Even if you can negotiate with a modeling agency to hire her for 800 euros each, even the hair and makeup experts and sponsors can rent a cheaper place; the show will still lack professionalism and consume a fortune. Wait until you can afford really.

The Driving Force Behind Fashion Show

The Chanel show is always attractive for sophisticated investors.
The Chanel show is always attractive for sophisticated investors.

Underground fashion concept though is a genius in London but only until a show in Paris, a designer achieve truly world class. But in order to be allowed to perform in Paris is about nothing more difficult to join the secret society.

Chanel fashion show

First, you must become a member of the prestigious organization. Aspirations to achieve this, you need to be appreciated newspapers with the design of the agents in the world order to demonstrate the business potential and the support you need, a referral from a designer names or leader of a major fashion label.

Organizations that can only be Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter des Coutuiers et des Createurs de Mode, an organization operating at the high-performing collections in Paris. In addition to organizing the Paris Fashion Week, the organization also facilitates training and working with talented designers, representing the French in foreign fashion, fight against counterfeit goods, counterfeit designs Design.

Kenzo's show at Paris Fashion Week recently.
Kenzo’s show at Paris Fashion Week recently.

“Boss” is also scheduled to hundreds of shows and venues. This is from the 1970s, when all the provisions designed to show the collection in locations close together. The purpose of this is for the public to have an overview of the new design is also a designer for the transportation reporter, working.

The organization is dedicated to the famous designers of certain locations in Paris because there are not many places enough to hold up to 1,500 people and satisfy the security requirements and organizational procedures. Louvre Palace has long played a central role in the collection shows a large room with two adjacent halls, with a capacity of 1,200 to 1,500 people. Besides, there is a makeshift tent during the event in the Tuileries gardens enough seating for 1,200 people. In addition, smaller venues scattered throughout the city but just a short taxi ride from the Louvre where you can go.

Each one of the members had fixed schedules from year to year and the company can not “factory” of each other. The only exception is when the vendor decides not to take a couple of seasons or the other company can take to fill that void. Typically, the first day for the new brand, the days between the end of the event and the caliber of the new one appears.

Fashion is gradually to assert itself as an art that wants to get there first it must be shown on the catwalk. So take a little for each step of staging, organizations such as the meticulous artist with his brainchild is also evident.

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