10 Tips for Using The Hair Straighteners


Use a hair straightener safe and a perfect result? It is obviously possible Proof thanks to 10 tips that delivers Emilie Rondeau educator exclusive brand GHD.

Hair Straighteners Using Tips Step By Step

TIP 1: Ask A Professional To Choose Your Hair Straighteners

There are a lot of hair straighteners on the market to make the right choice; the simplest is to take advice from a professional. Your hairdresser for example you know – it has already topped at least once and she used to manipulate styles. It will help you and choose the right type of hair straightener according to your nature and your hair length.

TIP 2: Protect Your Hair

Before using a style therm o protector a product that is going to protect our hair against heat styling Elementary.

TIP 3: Apply a Smoothing Base

One might think that this is an injunction to eat more and yet use a low smoothing will help you straighten your hair faster and thus reduce the time to use the styler for faster results and safer.

TIP 4: Dry Your Hair Before Using The Hair Straightener

We do not always think yet dry your hair before smoothing can again reduce the impact of heat. To do this, equip yourself with a good hairdryer, powerful will help relax your hair thereby facilitating the smoothing follow. Make a brushing is not necessary: it is sufficient to dry the finger or use a simple brush.

TIP 5: Divide For Better Styling

Separate hair into two on each side of the shoulders. Take bits scarce more separations are finer the result will be perfect.

TIP 6: Have The Correct Gesture

When her smooth hair, neck and hand it back to the face forever. Then, we give “tension” on the bit to do this gently pull the wick with your hand or with a blower brush with natural bristles/boar bristle straighteners before passing.

TIP 7: Know Your Position Hair Straighteners

Positioning the first bottom plate and close the straightener at the last moment Forever.
Then glide gently pulling slightly inward. Otherwise, you’ll have a demarcation on the hair strands and small emerge.

TIP 8: Use a Styler With Wide Plate

Whether you have long hair, thin or thick, the best is to use a straightener with large plates for better result faster.

TIP 9: Lower The Temperature of the Straightener!

We tend to believe that more than one style is hot; it is more efficient this is WRONG!
A styler can reach a temperature of 220 to 270 °. However, the ideal temperature to transform the hair without damaging it is 180 °. Below, it is not hot enough and you have to go several times on the wick the risk of dehydrated hair. In contrast, over the temperature permanently damage the hair and makes it dull.

TIP 10: Do Not Spend 20 Times The Hair Straightener On Each Strand

One or two passages max than enough to smooth the hair permanently. Otherwise, they abyss! Equipped with this good advice, you just have to choose the styling that suits you best. Thank you to Emilie Rondeau educator exclusive brand GHD for her advice and for her availability!

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