10 Tips To Have Beautiful Long Hair & Get Shiny Hair

How to have beautiful long hair naturally in 10 step, When you wash your hair always two consecutive shampoos choosing the right products for your hair type. If necessary do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser or your pharmacist. Then coat your hair shine special care serums prefer creams or masks it is less fat!

Finally and most importantly a good finish by rinsing with cold water. The air and heat are the best to bring out all the scales you just smooth calling them. For best results let your hair naturally dry or wrapped in a towel. If you insist on your workout hair dryer wring your hair, wait ten minutes between washing, drying and do not stick the tip burning your head. High temperatures tarnish!

To Have Beautiful Long Hair

How to Have Beautiful Long Hair and Thick Hair Quickly

Rinsing is a key step too often overlooked. Leftover shampoo or masks weigh down the hair and prevent breathing. Always some product (this will be easier to rinse), rinse, and enhance your every last rinse of lemon juice or vinegar shine guaranteed!

There is recipes grandmother very effective to make your hair silky.
Top a mask with egg yolks and olive oil apply and massage, and leave for at least 20 minutes.Even better sleep all night with a towel and shampoo in the morning.

Masks “home” as the commercial products are shining but they also tend to be lubricated. Lengths as silk and oily roots it is cata! A word of advice rinse, rinse and rinse!

10 Tips To Have Beautiful Long Hair

Step By Step To Have Beautiful Long Hair

1 – Leave on conditioner after your 15 minutes in a warm towel if you do not have a radiator place 2 minutes in the microwave.

2 – Minimum one hour before each shampoo brush your tips vegetable oil (olive, argan, camellia, Monoi, avocado, castor …) they will be softer and will delay the onset of forks.

3 – Take the time to untangle your hair gently and if you encounter a node use your fingers to undo you will avoid breakage.

4 – Do not hesitate to put a nightcap silk or natural material or make a loose braid to reduce friction against the pillows it raises the scales.

5 – Regularly massage your scalp it relaxes lot gives volume and shine and stimulates the blood circulation your hair will grow faster.

6 – Avoid metal bars or elastic with a piece of metal which weakens and damages the scales.

For the same reasons, also be vigilant (e) not always position the elastic to the same places if you attach them often.

7 – Limit the use of heating appliances. You get used to quickly dry them in the open air even in winter, if your home is not too cool.

8 – Do not use products containing silicones, PEG, parables, other toxic petrochemical derivatives or SLS (solium laureth sulfate), aggressive and harmful to the scalp.

9 – Apple cider vinegar diluted in a bottle as a last rinse strengthens the hair and makes it shiny.

10 – Do not forget to cut a piece of regular points. Your hair will look better and you will catch up quickly relieved centimeter.

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