10 Ways (Stylish) Wearing The Smock, Floral Print, Polka Dots Or Geometric Patterns


Among the smock essential fashion pieces that we absolutely must have in our cabinet, the sailor holds a place of choice. To learn how to wear stylish manner, inspired insights looks in street styles. At your stripes!

As a basic guide, the little-striped top manages to stand out from its peers. And because the sailor is everywhere: on the catwalks in street styles and all influence uses fashion.

To avoid fashion faux pas and become the queen of the scratch, it is inspired by the best looks with a sailor.

The different models of the sailor

If the history of seafaring began in 1858 with its entry in the uniform of the Navy, it has evolved since. Today, the sailor comes in countless different models.

The classic form of the smock is a top long-sleeved round neck white with navy blue stripes.

But even being timeless in our dressing room, the sailor is changing with the times. The sailor found in the crop top in the tank top, t-shirt, sweater, shirt, etc.

Its stripes change color, width, thickness … In short, there’s something for everyone! You can even wear the smock long version in pretty tight dress or flared.

Then you are rather a neo sailor or vintage? We, we adapt according to our look of the day #ootd!

And above all, do not panic if you do not have the smock of your dreams, you’re bound to find it. Designers and fashion brands slide the sailor in all their collections!

Wear the sailor: the right combinations

In real good basic, the sailor goes with just about everything. It is the small top that catches the morning when you’re late, knowing they will still be stylish all day, because yes, the sailor is worn both day and night as the office that walk by the sea.

With mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, this is the way to approach a holding pattern but casual. Shoes opt for a pair of white sneakers or colorful shoes.

But the striped top goes very well with denim shorts, miniskirts or midi skirts. Moreover, we love the mix N match look: a sailor and a bottom floral print, polka dots or geometric patterns.

Jacket side, the sailor can be worn with a trench coat, a biker or a jean jacket. It also falls for the sailor that slides under a suit for a classy but lagged effect.


1. The Shirt In Breton

The model wears the shirt in Breton with lace on blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes.


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