100 Hairstyle Ideas to Pique the Stars For the Holidays


Do you not know how your hair’s Eve?


100 hairstyle ideas in Glamorous curls, braids, buns high … get inspired by this 100 sophisticated hairstyles-but not necessarily difficult to reproduce-views on the stars.

The Bun Rolled Keira Knightley

The Bun Rolled Hairstyle Keira Knightley

The beautiful British found the perfect parade in classic chignon: a twist on the whole width of her head & Keira Knightley as play up the contrast with the history of avoiding the total look of flower girl.

Maïwenn Hair Look

Maïwenn Hairstyle Look

Maïwenn expresses its side rock bottom with this banana that looks like coming from the head of Elvis. And the result is as perfect; remember to pin your hair on the sides.

The 60’s Ponytail at Anna Sui

The 60's ponytail Hairstyle at Anna Sui

Anna Sui is set in the 60’s ponytail, rounded at the base and carried low & a daring with a preppy look. Just to stay in tune.

Mischa Barton Ripples Retro

Mischa Barton Ripples retro Hairstyle

Few strands notched on the side lengths and perfectly smooth to face them, nothing better to do a retro and glamorous wish.

The Crown of Braids Julianne Hough

The crown of braids Hairstyle Julianne Hough

Classic hairstyle, braid adventure in the footsteps of wreaths for the holidays And a volume effect guaranteed do not hesitate to arm yourself with additions.

Jessica Chastain Square Retro

Jessica Chastain Square Retro Hairstyle

A square a little short not easy to get a bun hairstyle for a party & Jessica Chastain as it is all about loops And the incredible color of her hair And yes, color, counts too.

The Banner Winter Cara Delevigne

The banner winter Hairstyle Cara Delevigne

The hair down and a headband with jacquard nothing simpler to represent the spirit of Christmas and stay cool during the family reunion Also perfect for a weekend in the snow.

Mila Kunis Smoothing Flawless

Mila Kunis Smoothing flawless Hairstyle

In this avalanche of loops, originality, true, will surely be in the extreme simplicity, as Mila Kunis to smooth her mane and opts for simply parted in the middle.

Blake Lively One Shoulder Ultra Curly

Blake Lively one shoulder ultra curly

For an eyeful your guests on Christmas Eve you can do as the beautiful Blake Lively, unsheathing your curly mane arches over one shoulder. You can be sure: Santa Claus will have eyes only for you.

Doutzen Kroes Ruffled Bun

Doutzen Kroes ruffled bun Hairstyle

Take a classic chignon and with the thumb and forefinger, pinch a few strands to bring out the structure of your hair so perfect And now, two, three movements, you gave a rock touch to your hair.

The Bun Banana Rock at Dolce & Gabbana

The bun banana rock Hairstyle at Dolce & Gabbana

A banana bun is fine. A banana bun with lots of volumes, it is even better, especially when you add a small shell on top of the skull. Oh yeah!

The Bun Banana Wick Emma Watson

The bun banana Hairstyle wick Emma Watson

At 22, Emma Watson proves with this banana bun and small wild locks it is easy to keep it simple and elegant without much effort. Easy to achieve a hairstyle that will throughout the night.

The twist at Carolina Herrera XXL

The twist Hairstyle at Carolina Herrera XXL

Exit the bun, hello twist! To play with a medieval mind a little but brought up to the day, of course, is wound our mane itself and picnic along the skull hair clips with snow.

The half-long tail of Whitney Port

Half-long tail Hairstyle of Whitney Port

A hairstyle but very easy to boost with simple waves and a make-up rock Whitney Port, she prefers a light makeup and beautiful diamond earrings. It’s her choice.

The curly bun at Yves Saint Laurent, The bun hairstyle is very classic But it is possible to give a bit of style twisting in a loop for example And to take all nothing better than a trickle.

Tail down smooth Jessica Alba, You do not want to take the lead in developing a hairstyle that does not take an hour or two? In this point, your best ally is the ponytail But beware not a tail quickly done poorly. No, like Jessica Alba taking the time to pin your hair and smooth the tail for a cleaner and more distinguished.

Half-plated tail at Derek Lam, Want to smooth?

You just can not manes too large?

No problem! Bet on the half-plated tail lengths of perfectly smooth.

Banana side at Donna Karan, Just as fun as the classic banana, banana side view of the parade Donna Karan brings a touch of eccentricity at your own pace, which is very welcome in this festive period.

Mane indomitable Lea Michele, Nothing is more effective and a more sensual mane long and very thick. Lea Michele has understood and does not skimp on the abundance of her hair And if you can not reproduce the same effect additions will be your best allies.

The romantic chignon Berenice Marlohe, Hairstyle a bit complicated to make, but the result is so beautiful that we did not hesitate a second to copy the Bond girl Berenice Marlohe. For a bit of originality and romance, you can add a small strip strassée to retain the wick slightly.

A low bun is fine, but for the holidays it takes more imagination. The solution: build on rhinestone accessory, as daring Emma Stone.

100 Hairstyle Ideas

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