12 Tricks to Make Up Perfectly

12 Tricks to Make Up Perfectly
12 Tricks to Make Up Perfectly

In applying makeup sometimes there are obstacles to get perfect results. Ranging from improving the appearance of eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose or lips needed some tricks so the results as desired. Another obstacle is how to makeup does not fade quickly. Apparently, there are practical tricks to get the perfect makeup result.

Make Up Tips

Some practical tips and tricks that you can try to get a beautiful face among others:

1. In Perfect Powder Application

In order for the skin look smoother use a water-based moisturizer before using foundation. Then specify the thickness of the powder you want to use. For makeup to a party who wants to look thicker can use the sponge is applied by way of being patted on the face and ended with a brush. In contrast, for the day to day makeup natural can use a powder with a brush.

2. Closes Spots or Stains On The Face

Concealer works to cover acne scars or blemishes on the face. Color concealer should be the same as the color of the powder so that the face is not visible streaks. Liquid concealer is the easiest type to use and can cover evenly. If you use a concealer stick shaped, the way is to put it first on the ring finger and dab it on the face. It will close with more subtle than directly applying concealer stick on blemishes.

3. Eyebrow Tidy and Natural Appear

Previously trim eyebrow shape so as not to fall apart. To get the perfect eyebrow shape you can use the help of an eyebrow pencil to draw. When using an eyebrow pencil use a pencil with a pointed tip and soft and do not be pressured to result in a not too thick. And eyebrow brush to keep it neat spray a little hair spray on an eyebrow brush and then brush back eyebrow.

4. Make Lashes Flicks

If the lazy use false eyelashes you can try this practical way. Pinch eyelashes using eyelash curler. Use mascara on the lashes starting from the base to the tip of the lashes and then dip the brush mascara with talc powder and use it again to sweep your lashes. Eyelashes will look slender and thick.

5. Long Lasting Eyeliner

Eyeliner is used to reinforce the shape of the eye and makes eyes look sharp. Eyeliner melting from the heat or for too long will ruin the appearance. Way that eyeliner can last a long time is to use eye moisturizer then use concealer. Furthermore, one can use a new eyeliner pencil shaped coated with liquid eyeliner to get more assertive colors.

6. Eliminate Tired Eyes

Lack of sleep is the cause of the bottom of the eyes look dark. Outsmart way is to use a white eye liner on the inside of the lower eye line. Do not use excessively on the base and the tip of the eye so that the display does not look excessive.

7. Overcome Slanted Eyes

To get the eye look bigger, the trick is to use scotch tape to create an impression on the eye crease and apply dark colors on the eyes. Use eye shadow black, gray, dark brown or dark purple can be the right choice. As a complement, use false eyelashes with thin hair.

8. Making Visible Nose Sharp

Create a shadow or shading on the nose will create a sharp impression. How to create shading so it does not look overdone or contrived look is to blend lightly shading. Previously specify sharp effect to generate. If the long shading to the base of the nose the increasingly visible effects her sharp. Before using shading use
Tinted moisturizer first and end with the powder in Dhading lines that blend perfectly with the face.

9. Durable Blush On

Blush or blusher will make the face look fresher. If you do not have time to apply many times and wanted to keep the face look fresh until the evening use the following methods in order to survive in the long blusher face. First, use a tinted moisturizer to the entire face. Second, use a cream blush form. Third, cover with foundation. Fourth, use pressed powder or powder. Fifth, use powder blusher as finally.

10. Chapped Lips

For the problem of dry lips and cracked, the trick is to use a lip balm before applying lipstick.

11. Dark Tinted Lip

If the lips are too dark the way around that is to use a dark color lipstick first then apply the foundation and then use a lipstick with the desired color and can add lip gloss.

12. Long Lasting Lipstick

In order to remain visible lip color with shades of lipstick lip trick is to frame the same color lipstick then brush as usual put on the lips with a tissue and dab a little powder, then apply lipstick again .

You can try the above practical tricks to improve performance and overcome the obstacles that you may encounter when putting on makeup.

With the right makeup, can improve the appearance and disguise the parts of the face that are less attractive.
With the right makeup, can improve the appearance and disguise the parts of the face that are less attractive.

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