How To Get Strong NailsHow To Get Strong Nails, Soft, brittle, split nails … let you go? Enjoy the weekend to give them a boost and make it a habit to pamper 1-2 times a week.

3 Minutes To Prepare The Ground

Need to equalize or correct an irregular curve? Prefer emery cardboard rather than metal models. Pass the perpendicular to the surface of the nail.
For a short cut, equip small manicure scissors, much less traumatic.

2 Min 30 For Massage And Moisturize

When you rub your hands with a moisturizing cream, take the opportunity to emphasize the nails in order to nourish, strengthen and polish them.
The ideal: a cream that contains vitamins (B5) and essential oils (myrrh, lemon, parsley) that benefit the skin as nails. Small advantage: the cuticles are easier to push then with a cotton swab.

30 Seconds To Feed “From the Inside”

The best way to achieve this? Eating a healthy varied and balanced. Alternatively, you can also use dietary supplements, most often consisting of sulfur amino acids and vitamin B8, B5 and B6. We have to think all the time of day cure!

4 Minutes To Put a Protective Base

Once impregnated nail moisturizer, you can apply a base rich in calcium, protein or keratin. It gives pep and protects from external aggressions (shocks, colored varnishes, detergents …. Also useful against yellowing of the nail Warning, this database does not dispense gloves to do the dishes or gardening.

5 Minutes To Ask Varnish Bumpers

Once the base is dry, apply a varnish. No matter if it is colored, because the base insulates the nail pigments and it can then play its role fully sheathing.
To accelerate the drying and curing all, spend your nails under cold water.
To remove the varnish avoid solvents containing acetone, too-dryer.

How To Get Strong Nails
how to get strong nails fast naturally

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