Football World Cup 2022 – 15+ Famous Footballers Wife and Wags


No more shots of female football Players who stay at home. Here sixteen footballers wife and wags to know absolutely! Between the World Cup and the Euro, football never ceases to be talked about.

Your friends and cherished not have that in mind. Strength, you get to know some great football players and women? We should not forget that behind every soccer player hides a woman. Some are more famous than their mate.


18. The end of the Female Football Players shot?

In the collective imagination, the footballer’s wife is the perfect bimbo. We figure uncultivated, just right to support her husband. We remember in particular the series “Woman $ footballers” which was unflattering to them: greedy, desperate, subject … They cashed the slightest reproach with a smile. But now the football woman breaks the clichés and emancipated from her husband.

Journalists, models, singers, sports, business women … They have their own business and are distinguished by their sometimes unusual personality.

Among journalists, including among others: Sara Carbonero, the wife of sexy Iker Casillas, Cristina de Pin, the wife of Riccardo Montolivo or Ludivine Sagna, a columnist for the issuance Hands off my sport.

Helena Seger is, meanwhile, famous for managing her empire with an iron hand. Always prim, it controls everything from A to Z. It’s probably no coincidence that she is married to one of the most gifted players of her generation: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Independent, funny, and confident, Helena depends only on itself.

There are also those who share the passion for sport: Kris J, wife of Aron Gunnarsson and star fitness in Iceland, or Ana Ivanovic, Tennis champion. In their case, it is easier to understand the popularity of their husbands for football.

Nicknamed Wags (Women and Girlfriends), they show us that we can have an irreproachable figure and a well-filled head.


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