20 Models Of African Braids + A Guide To Hair Braiding For A Side Braid


African braids are the favorite hairstyle of African American R’nB icons. We think of Afros braids by Alicia Keys or Beyoncé in her album Lemonade. But that’s not all: remember those summers of the 90s when one broke oneself completely to be at the forefront of fashion.

How to make an African braid? Which model to choose? Here are 20 inspirations to imitate without hesitation.

The African braid, as its name suggests, is originally intended for frizzy hair.

Without necessarily cracking for braids all over the head, like Alicia Keys, we can decline the African braid in a thousand ways: classic African braid, boxer braids, African braids on loose hair or ponytail…

How To Make An African Braid?

The African braid is a sophisticated hairstyle, which can work day and night, at the beach as on red carpets. But it is not difficult to achieve so far!

A Braid African Effect Disheveled

A Braid African Effect Disheveled

To make a beautiful African braid, start by disentangling your hair. Isolate a section of hair on the upper part of the head. If you want to lighten the work, attach it with transparent elastic.

Then, as for a classic braid, isolate two other sections of hair, on both sides of the first section.

Continue to the back of the neck and finish with a classic braid. You have a simple African braid.

To decline in boxer braid, or to push the vice up to three or even four braids, just sub-divide your hair and repeat the experience as many times as desired.

African Braids: A Technique, Multiple Possibilities

Once you master the method (and your arms support the effort), all possibilities are open to you!

Why not revive the hairdressing trends of the 90s by braiding all of your hair in African braids, adorned with colorful elastics?

For the followers of more restrained hairstyles, a braided crown in African braid always makes its small effect. Otherwise, start by making three or four braids on your skull, then connect the rest of your hair in a bun or ponytail.

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