20 Tips To Lose Weight Without Efforts


Lose Weight Without EffortsGood advice to lose weight without efforts exist. They may think unnecessary or futile but the fact is that by simply paying more attention to what is on our plate and how is our body can slim and smooth with a more sustainable one drastic diet.

20 tips that will enhance our silhouette without sacrifice.

Lose Weight Without Efforts


01. It reduces the size of our plates. Thus, filling less there is little risk of being forced to finish and therefore eat more than reason.
02. We do not tightens once one has finished his meal.
03. Rather than consuming all fruit and vegetable smoothie or juice one learns to eat solids. The pleasure of biting into a fresh fruit that will match their nutrients (vitamins, fiber) are not altered. In addition, their satiating power is boosted as well.
04. It is also believed to eat early dinner rather than dessert. Digestion easier and faster satiety to arrive.
05. We can not say it enough but it is essential to have a good breakfast it avoids snacking and meals that balance.
06. It is crucial to take the time to eat. Indeed, the message of satiety to the brain in a quarter of an hour. The ideal is to chew and put cutlery down between bites. If this habit is too restrictive, it takes more time to discuss with the person who accompanies us.
07. Although it may seem a bit cruel, it is sometimes good to take stock of our supply noting what you eat. It is not a question of feeling guilty but to realize that the m & m’s muffin was not necessary. Thus, progressively we will make choices without depriving ourselves.
08. And if Beyoncé was right? We try to celery seeds!
09. Ask for sauce on the side is not a myth. Often soaked, our flat does not necessarily need all that sauce. The need to hand we can even this small dose calorie bomb.

The importance of water (be careful, it does not tell you to take the water regime Rosie Huntington Whiteley)
10. On the table, bottles of sodas often replace water. More calories they do not necessarily quench thirst. You can always enjoy our little Orangina but during the meal the preferred water.
11. Drink a large glass of water before meals helps to fill us up.
12. Often, the afternoon is believed to have a small snack however it happens most of the time, that our body simply launches a call for water. Feelings of hunger and thirst can be close, which is why we must learn to understand your body and not throw the cakes distributors without thinking. This will avoid many snacks.

We think smart

13. Chewing gum or mints will compensate our sweet cravings.
14. Watching a horror movie makes you lose weight? Better! It is therefore preferred Shining a romantic comedy that we will want to eat sweets.
15. Lack of sleep can make us grow. It has been proven that there is more hunger when one is tired.
16. We do not set unachievable targets. Otherwise, we guilt low self-esteem … It is always better to meet his wishes, even again later. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction.
17. So we do not feel guilty. Once the lightning engulfed one does not get sick. We must give small pleasures.
18. Make jogging backwards would spend 30% more calories. Do not be afraid of ridicule.
19. Never go shopping when you’re hungry. With a full stomach you avoid unnecessary purchases, detours ray sweets and cakes or meat to taste. The best is to make a list and stick to it.
20. Sport, There is nothing better for body sculpting. Pilates, Zumba, Thai boxing, there’s something for everyone.

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