25 Beauty Tips And Tricks For Your Beauty By Experts

beauty tips and tricks
25 Beauty Tips For Your Beauty

Beauty Tips And Tricks! If the school taught the subject “How to be beautiful every day” then with a list of tips from Beauty Experts you have passed the exam on the top five.

Step By Step Beauty Tips And Tricks

1. To protect against UV rays, sunscreen over her moisturizer and a base for makeup.

2. The hair on the temples is much weaker than in other places. Hint my hairdresser, so she worked through this area carefully. Too lightening active in this area will lead to the hair thinning and become brittle.

3. An alternative may be the curls light waves. Wind hair on wide tongs not capturing the ends. The idea is to gently glide down the hair not staying for a long time not to get curls. At the end of a slightly smoothed out the curls combs.

4. Instead of all the lip pencil shading, just soften the contour in the “arc of Cupid.” Visually lips will appear larger and plump.

5. Accustomed to using a primer make-up foundation not occasionally but always. Cosmetics will last much longer.


6. After having perfumed favorite perfume, apply the skin cream for the body. It is as if “hold together” flavor and that will last longer than usual.

7. Never yank the longest eyebrow hairs because they set the shape & if you eyebrows start to grow haphazardly.

8. Wrap an ice cube with a handkerchief and slowly wipe the face three to five times. Repeat this process every day and the skin becomes more toned and refreshed. What is not an alternative to Botox?

9. When it comes to hair do not chase the fashion. Forget about trends: the main thing – the form of your face and your hair type.

10. Try to do a handstand against the wall. Standing so just for a minute a day, you’ll be able to saturate the brain and the skin with oxygen.

11. Too intense workout and diet can do much harm. Severe weight loss can affect the face – it will look older than the body.

12. Achieve the effect plump lips, you can use the gold highlighter. Apply it to the contour of the lips after using foundation makeup and before applying lipstick.

13. Try to use natural yogurt as a hair mask. Protein perfectly softens dry hair.

14. After using milk to remove makeup is always applied to the face tonic, which tones the skin, unclogs pores and prepares it for the next application of the product, whether it’s moisturizer or night cream.

15. Hide the signs of eye fatigue will help liquid highlighter if you mix it with a concealer for the eye area. This duo moisturizes the skin giving it a glow.

16. If you are not too sensitive skin, use scrubs every day. It stimulates the blood circulation; the skin receives more oxygen and looks healthier.

17. The effect of tanning will last longer if you avoid hot showers and baths. After a warm bath wipes dry and applies a pat on the body lotion without fragrance.

18. To yellowed nails do not always use the base for varnish.

19. Before you put on hair mousse or styling spray, dry them for at least 70%. Causing the product to wet hair, you seem to water down tool and its effectiveness is reduced.

20. Try to sleep on your back, rather than the stomach. In contact with the pillow face the risk of wrinkles. If you can not get rid of this habit, buy a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.

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21. Add a touch of blush to her powder with light-reflecting particles. This will enhance the effect of purity and freshness.

22. Before putting on hair clips, Sprinkle them with hairspray. They will keep much better and therefore your hair too.

23. Be sure to use essential oils for the face. They consist of small molecules that can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and give it a glow.

24. To lipstick lasted longer to her lips a single layer on a paper towel and apply a transparent loose powder.

25. Concealer is not only for the eye area. Put it on the inner corners of the eyes and nose.

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