3 Lipstick Shade For A Bright Lips in Summer Day

Lipstick shade is the last step in the makeup process but is important because lips sensual, subtle is the strength of women. Consider the lipstick to your lips perfectly.

Start-up environment with 2 simple Lipstick Shade steps:

Step 1: Apply a little lip balm to your lips softer.

Step 2: Add a little bit of foundation or concealer makeup lipstick color is standard and keeps longer.

Natural Pink Lips

Step 1: Prepare a box of natural pink blusher

Step 2: Use a brush to do is chalk full lips.

Step 3: Add a little lip gloss for lips more vitality.

Each Factory Soot Appeal

Step 1: Take the dark red lipstick put lip lap.

Step 2: Use the fingers spread all live in the bosom of her lips.

Step 3: Continue to put more lipstick on the lips and hearts repeat step 1 and step 2.

Step 4: Add a little lip gloss for lips more hot look.

2 Color Sexy Lips

Prepare 1 pink lipstick red and a brown-orange lipstick.

Step 1: Use a lip brush pink lipstick to the entire lip. Try to hit the lip to create a perfect lip line, then fill in the inside.

Step 2: Use a lip brush type tube brown orange lipstick on the lips. Also, try to create a perfect lip contour.

Step 3: Finally, users continue to hit the pink lipstick heart on the lips.

With 3 lip makeup simple, you become more beautiful and charming already!

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