3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day


The main hot sunny day can cause you afraid makeup when sugars with girls, beauty are almost essential and needs can not be ignored. There are, in the hot days mixed bit of spring salad thorough make-up class may be one of the terrible nightmare for you girls. Not to mention the loss that it brings natural, thick layer of pollen will cause your skin to be sealed and this is worse in hot and humid weather. So thin makeup, natural beauty is one of the tough challenges for girls.

3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day

But you know, just a little observant when selecting suitable products and a few basic steps make up that important; confident you can still have fun with a fresh face makeup, natural? Let’s refer to the suggestions make up the hot sun from the beautiful girl from the land of Kim Chi is offline. In particular, you only take 3 minutes to get a beautiful face radiant, much less where these girls!

3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day-

… Or dynamic, energetic, gentle make-up below will give you the perfect look in just 3 minutes!

Step 1: Use BB cream as a base, uses your hands and spread it gently with a thin layer of skin.

Step 2: Click the thick gray eyebrows lead to clearer faces.

3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day-0

Step 3: Use the cream for eye liner, spread a very thin layer to vote above and below the eye.

Step 4: Use a skin tone eye shadow, light pink, wide spread elected eye toward the brow. And remember to press a little more eye at the top of the lower lashes! Then use dark pink tone, as the frequency is part of the upper eyelid. Finally, small and mixed with chocolate brown chalk to create focal points for eyelid rims. Note spread from eye sockets and long in the eyes, do not miss the 2/3 of the tail of the shirt below!

3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day-01

Step 5: Use eyeliner as lead, black to outline eyelids. Lead line must be neat and fit stop at the eyes. Contraindications cat-eye or the border is too thick for this type of natural makeup! Complete the eyes with the press curved lashes and shaped by natural black mascara.

Step 6: Use a large round, take all a silky powder coating up around his face. Click the cheeks with a bit of fresh pink.

3 Minutes For the Natural Beauty Hot Day-02

Step 7: Complete the face by a thin layer of chalk covered all the letters T and V-shaped Make-up classes will become more natural. Finally, choose a soft lipstick that you love especially sweet pink to complete makeup and confidently down the street come on!

Confident to shine on hot days with 3 minutes makeup extremely easy to come!

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