How to Extend Battery Life & 3 Charging Tips


How to Extend Battery Life?

The following tips will help users extend the battery life as well as to minimize the “bottle” pin for the sensor.

Just Use The Standard Charger

Today’s battery smartphone and tablet usually larger, so the Department will come charging rechargeable battery capacity to be quickly filled. For example, the output of the charge the iPad is 2100 mAh, double the amount of power supplied by the USB port on your computer so it will make a huge difference when using the original charger and USB port to charge your iPad.

So to shorten the charging time for tablet and smartphone, you should use the original charger supplied with the machine, some devices have a special circuit to prevent the battery to absorb the entire amount of power from the external charger, complete device long battery life.

How to extend battery life
There are many reasons to pin of sensor wear quickly when used, one of which parts have not been charged and properly maintained.

Note When Charging Via USB

In the case of non-standard charger, you can charge the battery through the USB port of your computer. Some newer computers today are designed with 2 USB ports: USB port and USB port standard for exchanging common data.

The basic difference of the two types of ports are located in the power that we offer: standard USB port only provides 100 mAh, while the USB charging port provides 5 times more power than a standard USB port . This is why when you connect the device to your computer’s USB port, the device will be charging slowly or it is likely that it is not to be at the battery.

Nowadays many laptop vendors integrate the two types of ports. And the only way to distinguish the type of connector is plug the device into each port to try. You should read carefully your laptop user manual to know which type of USB port is supported before you decide to charge the sensors connected to the computer.

Another note is that you should not charge your phone through the USB hub (hub), so the current will be evenly distributed to the USB port of the hub will not provide enough power for your device.

Charge The Battery Properly

With any type of device, the first battery charge is very important because it will help storage device initial information about the battery. So you should be charging for the first time in at least 12 hours, then remove the charger, use battery until dry and then started the 2nd charge.

Average number of charging less, the battery life will last longer. This means that you should allow the battery consumption is about half or less and should be charged, the battery will be “good life”. Whether you can charge the battery at any time, but it is best not to constantly plug charging every day.

Also at least once a month you should use empty then fully charge the battery (battery discharge) This will help keep the battery in good condition to protect the chemical composition of the battery.

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