3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Eyes When You Use Eyeliner And How to Apply Eyeliner Flawless


Red eye, eye damage dryness and irritation Are you familiar with these feelings in your eyes after the party and use heavy makeup? If yes then here are our tips for keeping your eye health despite the use of eye makeup.

3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Eyes When You Use Eyeliner And How to Apply Eyeliner Flawless

1. Do not use a bright eyeliner

Although it is written on the packaging that the product is safe for the eyes if an eyeliner contains shiny particles then you should avoid this product especially if you wear contact lenses. If microparticles brilliant fall into your eyes and especially under the lens they irritate the cornea throughout the day. Just imagine! Therefore, if you want the gloss effect and select the best coating for blinking eyes.

2. Keep your pencil sharp eye

Naturally it is much easier to draw with a round toe and gentle slate pencil but the blunt end of a pencil means that you are closer to the tree and it leads to scratching and irritation. In addition to damage to the cornea and the eyelid even the smallest particles of wood can cause allergic reactions.

3. How to use a liner for the eyes with contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses here’s how to use liner. First lens then eyeliner and shadow. And do not forget to first remove the lens in the evening then cleansing the eyes!

The application of eyeliner can be scary. However, this product is our best to define and beautify our gaze. Here are some tips to learn how to use it!

3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Eyes When You Use Eyeliner And How to Apply Eyeliner Flawless 1

The eyeliner has more than one trick … its mine! On the one hand the structure view, on the other hand the full beauty eye makeup. It is also useful for modifying the shape of the eyes and makes them appear larger.

The different types of eyeliner

Found the eyeliner pencil form, gel, liquid or felt.

Eye pencil

Easy to use, but it must be faded brush to soften the line issue and maximize the outfit. It is ideal for creating a dreamy effect.

Gel formula

It takes a little more skill because it must be applied with a brush. However, it is one that is best. It is often available as a test of the water.


Good option for beginners because it allows you to correct the line without it seems too.

Liquid eyeliner

As it applies with a fine tip brush it is a bit harder to handle. However, with a little practice you can create a well defined line and long term. There are also eye shadows that moisten and is applied with a brush tip. If you have sensitive eyes or contact lenses that it favors a hypoallergenic formula. Side color, black is a safe bet but you can also opt for the dark brown, the navy or plum shades that soften the look. During a party glitter eyeliner adds glamor to our eyes.

The right tools

If our eyeliner is in powder or gel use a brush to apply it. We opted for a flat model and end with stiff hairs and cut at an angle in order to draw a clear line and clear or to blur the line.
To blur the pencil you can also use your fingers or a cotton swab. In addition, the pencils are sometimes equipped with a sponge tip.
The tip of the pencil should always be sharpened with a pencil sharpener. For mine glides on the eyelid, it warms a few seconds by holding it between the thumb and forefinger.

Applying eyeliner according to the formula

Gel pot

We dip the tip of the brush into the gel. Head slightly tilted front of the mirror we begin the line starting from the outer corner of the eye and goes to the center of the eyelid. Then made a second line from the inner corner of the eye and going to the center. We finish by drawing a point, the desired effect in the outer corner of the eye making the line slightly up to the eyebrows.


We start from the inner corner of the eye outwards. It accentuates the line a little before the middle of the eyelid and up to the end of the eye tapering. There is a steady hand and quick enough.

Eye pencil

It draws a line on the upper eyelid as close as possible to the lash. The same is done on the lower eyelid avoiding applying the pencil inside the edge of the eye. To prevent smudging during the day it blurs the line with a brush. If our eyes tend to weep we opt for a water resistant formula.
Regarding the width of the line you can create a retro look by drawing a thicker line comma shaped or draw a thin line along the lash line will widen the eyes. It is permissible to draw a line on the upper eyelid only without bottom it is recommended not to stop the line in the middle of the eyelid. Moreover, we must apply the mascara before eyeliner it helps to draw a line very clean.

5 tips for better use of eyeliner

1. To create a dramatic effect we use the technique of the double line we first draw a line with eyeliner then the operation is repeated by returning to the line with an angled brush marked an eye shadow color similar to an eyeliner. This also helps to blur imperfections.

2. There should be no space between the line of eyeliner and eyelashes. If this is the case it fills the gap with an eye shadow of similar color.

3. When done so that the lines of eyeliner top and bottom corners meet external and internal eye, it gives the illusion that the eyes are bigger.

4. If you have small eyes it creates an effect size by drawing the line of eyeliner a little further down the lower lid of the eye and then filling the “void” with a pencil or white flesh.

5. The official makeup Oréal Paris Canada, Eddie Malter, recommends this approach “We filed a hand mirror on a table. Then, leaning his elbow on the table for stability draws the pencil line looking downwards. We start the line at the outer corner of the eye and are stopped in the middle of the eyelid and then complete the line this time starting in the inner corner of the eye and back to the center. “

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