4 Express to be beautiful hairstyles in 5 minutes


Already late for work you realize more that it is impossible to style your hair properly. To be at the top without losing valuable seconds here are 4 beautiful hairstyles for express in 5 minutes. .

4 Express to be beautiful hairstyles in 5 minutes

The bun effect “shower outlet”

This hairstyle will delight all who pressed ultra beauty finery still do not have the time to style. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist them into a single strand. Keep the wick well in hand while décoiffant hair at the nape. Then wrap it in itself to make a bun hairstyle and hook with pliers to hold.

Brushing wrinkled

To perfect a look rock’s wild beauty forget brushing realized dryer or flat iron and let her hair dry in the open air. We use instead a hair spray that is sprayed on the lengths. Then with your fingers is just offending them. Result? It offers its manned a nice wavy effect very natural.

The casual ponytail

Stylish and convenient the ponytail is a hairstyle brainier. To realize just release the locks above and slightly to tease. Then bring half the bits back and add those bits and side of the neck. Then attach all ponytails high with a rubber band. The council pro? Gently pull the hair on top to give volume to the hair and finish with a veil of hairspray to keep together.

Shell rock chic

Want a stylish hairstyle without spending hours in her hair? You need a shell. To achieve this hairstyle you must separate one area of hair on the top of the head. Bring it forward so as to have a large drill to attach the eyes and hair in a ponytail down the time to create the shell. Backcomb the top of the head and to keep the claques embodiment. Then form the shell by folding the high bit creped on top. Then attach the volume with a little paint and a thin tie to hold the hull. Finally loosen the ponytail and scrunch the hair down. With a few strokes you’re at the top in less than 5 minutes.

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