4 Small Daily Skin Care Beauty Routine For Beautiful Skin


Daily skin care but do not know how you deal with it without attacking? SheLookBook shows you the plan of care to make peace with your skin. Who does not dream of a dazzling skin worthy of a full month of vacation? It is not so difficult to obtain since beauty routine short but efficient can make all the difference.

Daily skin care

Beauty! How to care for Daily Skin Care?

There are not that teens who know skin problems! For hormonal reasons, hereditary or contextual (climate, stress, pollution, poor diet), over 25 years may also suffer the disadvantages of oily skin: excess sebum, blackheads and enlarged pores…

Not easy to be good about yourself, or how to improve her condition without bloodshed … because before the imperfections, the temptation to give in to violence is great!

Who has not tried to remove a button before a party? Who did not sin by overzealous abusing aggressive, wanting to cleanse her skin? Left to pay for it with interest: infected button, scars, overproduction of sebum…

Daily Skin Care In Four Steps to Take Care of Oily Skin its Smooth

Want to know how to take care of your oily skin without making a mess? Cosmo tells you its four-step strategy to take care of your skin smooth!

Clean: Hygiene is the first to meet to have healthy skin conditions. Cosmo explains her cleansing ritual in two steps to a more beautiful skin and better health!

Moisturize: Who says oily skin had never thirsty? They tell you the truth about oily skin hydration!

Erase: Inhale, exfoliate … Let your skin breathe! Cosmo advises you on choosing a suitable scrub and application.

Love: Learn to love your skin to better life with, the Cosmo tip!

4 Small Daily Skin Care Beauty Routine For Beautiful Skin

Here Are 4 Small Daily Skin Care Actions To Have Beautiful Skin!

1. Remove Make

I do not know how many times I have to repeat the cleansing is an essential step for a radiant complexion. You feel lazy? Keep hand wipes cleansing. You will no longer have an excuse to “forget”.

2. Wash

I’m guilty of a long time that I did my makeup, thinking suddenly found my face cleaned. ERROR.

3. Moisturize

You feel like your skin torn after washing? This is one more reason to abuse your moisturizer, morning and evening. Do not hesitate to get an eye cream to complete your hydration.

4. Cheat

If so, you’re right! The tinted cream is the best of friends because hydrates while promising a healthy complexion. Nobody will know you cheated promised juror.

To help you tame this beauty routine as it should, here are my four favorite products:

  1. Micellar Water by Jouviance
  2. BB Cleanser Skin Illuminator by Marcelle
  3. Fluid recharger Nuxellence Youth, Nuxe
  4. Moisturizer Positively Radiant tinted, Aveeno

What are your favorite beauty products at the moment for daily skin care?

What essential beauty should have on hand at all times? LOULOU gives you the answer by revealing her plan for beauty busy girl!

First aid beauty kit essentials beauty to have on hand at all times!

What? A mild cleanser and a balm rich in vitamins that nourishes both the skin and eyelashes.

Why do we love? A centre ointment containing vitamins A, E and C have the primary function of cleansing the eyes and face gently. Bonus? It has a protective antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and thus prevents premature aging of the skin while keeping the skin smooth and hydrated!

What? A fluid that boosts hydration and improves skin radiance while providing a smoother and glowing in the epidermis. Why do we love? While designed to maximize the benefits of moisturizing day cream, this gel leaves skin soft, supple and elastic. Convenient for those who travel often, just a few drops to keep the water in your skin. Gift of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural humectant!

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