4 Tips to Have Lips Like Angelina Jolie Lipstick


Angelina Jolie Lipstick Tips to Have Hot Lips

Although there are no attractive curved lips like Angelina Jolie, you still have a lot of tips to make your lips look plump, hot.

Who Lip Contour

Many people ignore the lined lips before applying lipstick. If that, which lip contour is an extremely effective way to help become fuller lips, they will never forget this. You just need to pay attention to choose color pencil border close to your natural lip color.

Angelina Jolie Lipstick

Use Lip Balm

Lip balm is indispensable material in the bag of each of you. Not only soften and moisturize lips, lip balm also works to make the lips fuller. Soft and glossy lips would probably look fuller lips parched.

Try lip cream contains ingredients to make your lips thinner and use 2 times / day. These creams include hyaluronic acid, moisturizing effect to your lips, make your lips always support and look forward to than ever.

Peeling For Each

Add to schedule exfoliate exfoliation processes for each. Environment is also a very sensitive part, so you need to use exfoliation products dedicated to environmental or use products made from natural ingredients. Regular exfoliation lip skin becomes soft, shiny, and thus, your lips look fuller.

Makeup Tips

In addition to strengthening care, makeup tips are a very effective way to “fake” the plump lips, hot. Always choose light-colored lipstick. Like light-colored clothing often makes you look plumper, bright lipstick also has a similar effect. Before applying lipstick, you should use concealer to blur contour lips, and then use pencil a contour shaped lips and apply lip balm before applying lip color. The final step is lip gloss. Do not forget the last but very important step because it has the effect of full lips very efficient.

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