45 Halloween Makeup That Will Make You The Belle Of The Ball


Who says Halloween, said necessarily disguise and scary makeup. Some exception to the rule and opt for sexy costumes. Short of ideas Halloween makeup for this year? You will surely find inspiration among the 45 best Halloween makeup picks on Instagram and Pinterest. Sensitive souls refrain. Here, we congratulate those who are not afraid to scare.

Gasp! The time to scare your loved coming fast. Yes, Halloween is on October 31st.

You do not want to break the bank to rent or buy a Halloween costume? Know that a simple makeup can make a more striking effect. Be warned: sensitive souls, refrain from looking at our slideshow of ‘Halloween makeup ideas!

The time has come to show off your makeup bag (your brushes and your various beauty products) you make a look more frightening.

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Do you not know what makeup to bet? Three options are available:

Halloween Makeup: animals

If you have children in your community, go for a Halloween makeup animal. There is no need to make their nightmares for the next 10 days disguising you into a zombie.

The easiest to achieve is the cat Halloween makeup for which you only need a pencil long-held and incidentally cat ears.

For those who want a more girly Halloween makeup, go for one of Bambi or a lioness

Halloween makeup: the characters of movies / TV series

Black Swan, The Adams Family, Avatar or The Snow Queen: If you lack inspiration, are tapping the side movies.

Some make-ups take time (Avatar) and practice (Black Swan), but overall, you have everything you need in your makeup kit so you do not overspend for makeup products that you will not use probably once Halloween past.

Halloween Makeup: Creatures

By creatures means: zombies, undead, skeletons, sugar skull or doing anything very scared.

Before you start, we advise you to watch Halloween makeup tutorials to assess your capability to perform a particular makeup and list the elements necessary for achieving this famous makeup.

Indeed, makeup ‘creatures’ usually ask the false blood, false patches of skin, etc…

>> And who will you be for Halloween?


44. Halloween Makeup: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Halloween Makeup, Totally Blue Look Like Snow, It Looks Gorgeous


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