5 Beauty Habits to Sting Girls Who Have Beautiful Nails

Tired of hiding your hands in your pockets for fear that your nails look shabby? shelookbook reveals the secrets of girls who have perfect hands.

How To Get Beautiful Nails And Hands

1. Moisturize

Nails is like skin, it hydrates, strange as it may seem. Massage them regularly, before bed, with an oil or a hand cream. This ritual will also nourish cuticles and prevent unsightly cuticles come ruin your manicure. Remember that lack of hydration is the cause of many evils: split, brittle nails, porous … You know what you have to do.

It is important to moisturize the nails secrets of girls who have perfect hands.

2. Do nail biting

For those who live with this bad habit for years – and have tried in many ways to get rid of it – is almost impossible. But you do not tire of saying “Oh no, do not look at my nails!”? As advocates, Diane Von Furstenberg, stop taking ten resolutions per year; take one good for the coming decade. Why not this one?

3. Let her nails breathe

You are so addicted to varnish that even your best friend has never seen you nude nails. Only you must know, for a week or two, let her nails breathe. Without that, they turn yellow, split, become ultra sensitive. Keep in mind that nail polish, given its composition, is not their best friend. Far from there. Another great commandment: always leave a thin space at the base of the nail when applying the varnish, not the “choke”.

Do not zap the base under the varnish for perfect hands

4. Always use a base

Any pro manicure respecting knows: you must always use a base before applying the first coat of varnish. Why? To prevent the varnish attack the nail, and some colors (such as red) will turn yellow it.

5. Never leave the paint to flake

A nail polish in the rules of art (ie a base, two layers of varnish and top coat) is supposed to ensure a holding of about four or five days. From the lower brightness, removing all: a chipped nail polish is dirty. If you do not have enough time to maintain your manicure, better not do it at all. A short nail, healthy and properly limed always does better effect than long scaly claws.

A good manicure, it's a base, two layers of varnish and a top coat.

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