5 Beauty Mistakes Makes You Look Older


There are 5 common beauty mistakes when you can beautify your beauty look older than usual.

1. Do not use moisturizer, sunscreen

This is the mistake of the women do not follow the rules of basic skin care.

Beauty Mistakes

First, they do not wash their faces clean and properly every day. Do not apply moisturizer makes their skin dry. Do not use sunscreen when exposed to sunlight. This makes your face becomes more degraded than produced wrinkles, brown spots.

2. Applying too much foundation

A mistake many women when government is too thick makeup foundation on your face makes your skin look naturally lost as artificial masked. The heavy makeup also makes women look older.

Moreover, the disadvantages of the skin such as wrinkles, dark circles can be wrapped with a moisturizer or make them reveal the ken of weakness.

To hide dark circles, you can use concealer because when women aged greater the dark circles under the eyes become thin. Therefore, topical application of a thin layer of concealer.

3. Applying the wrong color blush

This is being attributed to the wrong color and application techniques. Apply directly blusher on the cheeks can make you look like a clown and make sagging skin. Besides, should always choose the color blush color match.

4. Apply lip contour bowl wrong/inappropriate Hairstyle

This is a common mistake when beauty. It is you usually use to apply dramatic colors such as pink lips or red lips.

However, if you have thin lips, you can use a lip pencil to lip liner. In addition, attention should apply lip color match.

When do hair, make hairstyles suit your face and your style Not so long hairstyle if you find it does not fit. Continue to change the hairstyle that can make you look more youthful.

5. Use Smoky Eye Makeup

Many people think are wrong makeup smoky black eyes and thick mascara. However, this does not help hide wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

You should use thin black pencil and mascara to apply smoky eyes become dreamy, more seductive.

If you accidentally fill the eyes and thick eyebrows nearly touching the road, you should immediately remove page- if you would look no different bears Hamburglar arrest criminals. Tips for you are: should fill the eyes with the piece and then hit the road upwards.

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