Beauty secrets of the star’s skin for Summer are always responsible for outings and special events. Whether it’s a 5 to 7, a day at the beach, or an afternoon patio you want to display a flawless beauty look from head to toe.

Here are 5 beauty secrets of the stars to be in style all summer long. Take notes!

1. Emma Stone Beauty Secrets

The actress never goes outside without applying sunscreen or at least SPF 45. It thus retains a clear complexion all summer and thanks to her for sensitive skin! Do not hesitate to consult the article “Sunscreen 101” to help you choose the best product for you.

2. Katy Perry Beauty Secrets

It is not a secret Katy Perry is a fan of nail art. She always makes sure to show a perfect pedicure before leaving home. You may well wear sandals without embarrassment. Because, yes it is possible to be chic to the toes …

3. Rihanna Beauty Secrets

To keep hair shiny and healthy Rihanna swears by moisturizing hair masks. It also avoids the use of heating tools like flat iron or dryer which can make real havoc when hair is already damaged by the sun.

4. Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

There is no need to spend tons on expensive products the little secret of Jennifer Aniston’s simple and easy! Each morning she sprinkles her face with cold water and then passes an ice cube on the skin to eliminate redness and dark circles. Try it!

5. Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

To ensure a mouth to chew even in extreme heat Miss Kardashian keeps her lip balm SPF 15 handy. We often forget to protect our lips from the sun!

Which of these star tips do you follow?

What are your tips for getting a good complexion mine during the summer?

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