5 Common Makeup Problems Should Avoid


Common makeup problems, do not use too much concealer be careful with lip gloss … some note the girls to keep in mind especially as you are new to makeup.

When the new page, you’ll experiment with many different colors and materials so the inevitable mistakes. In the course of practice, you will encounter a lot of trouble but here are 5 of the most common errors. Discover what is the error and how to fix offline.

Common Makeup Problems

Common Mistake Makeup Problems

1. Do not use concealer instead of foundation. The cream is used to overcome weaknesses in some areas of facial skin. If you “abuse” the concealer, your face looks like a pie. Please select the type of foundation that contains moisturizers.

2. Be careful when smoky eye makeup colors. Girlfriend always wanted a hot smoky eyes, glamor, however, this type of makeup is not simple at all. You need refinement in the selection process and no coating of chalk colors too bold at the beginning.

3. Not “abuse” lipstick, especially lip gloss. Many girls often have a habit of deep carmine real fear is fading fast. However, when your government is a thick lipstick on the lips not lined, the lips will look blur, even as bleeding. With lip gloss, if excessive use permits, each ball will jump as has been covered with a layer of grease.

4. Usually, the girls have thin lips will draw a wider border border natural lips to lips more sexy and charming. But if not a professional makeup, you will be turned into a clown. So, let’s apply a simple trick – dab a little gloss over the area between the upper lip and lower lip.

5. Abuse “talcum powder to control oil secretion is also a mistake. This is the principle that her makeup heading skin oil should remember by doing this will only make your face look” compensate ” and more frightening. Instead, look to the make-up products specifically for oily skin.

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