5 Cool Hairstyle Dust and Personality To Welcome The Coming Summer


You have always been impressed by the hair styling bun is “messing” a very natural, but can never be a perfect way?

5 Cool Hairstyle Dust and Personality To Welcome The Coming Summer

In spring, dust hairstyle very feminine but a little naughty definition dynamic moments will give you comfort. A blend of classic and romantic hair tufts and detail of the puppets a spontaneously will make a different for you. In particula, in addition to feminine style, which has normal hairstyle is also extremely well with more bohemian style jog!

5 Cool Hairstyle Dust and Personality To Welcome The Coming Summer-

It looked sophisticated and complex, but everything is very easy. Just tips and a few simple hairdressing tools in hand, you will not spend more than 5 minutes for a favorite hair!

Step 1: Make sure your hair is completely dry no oil balls, spread it all over the scalp dry shampoo and rub lightly.

Step 2: Using a highly ruffled comb, combed hair from bottom to top from the middle of the hair shaft back up first.

Step 3: Bend the head and use hairspray to cover all your hair to become more swollen. Then massage terry hair becomes soft and smooth.

Step 4: Use a comb; comb the hair back to the top of the head and forced grabbed her ponytail. Keep certain degree of swelling for the hair, do not force too tense or tight!

Step 5: Divide the hair into small sections about 1.5 cm thick. Use the comb often dropped in curls.

Step 6: Insert outside a rubber band to (shaped like donuts).

Step 7: Take a strand of hair with thickness of 3 to 4 cm, combing back. The curls in the direction from the inside out Use clips to your hair around the elastic ring & just do a full turn to your ponytail.

Step 8: If the elastic loop is located right in the middle on the top, use clips to secure its position.

Step 9: Edit the excess hair, miss.

Step 10: Remove a few hairs and let them drop freely around the face to look tangled hair in a natural way.

Step 11: Finishing spray with hairspray to shape the design and location for the hair!

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