5 Nail Patch Shoppers for Spring 2015 2016


Nail Patch Shoppers In Different Color Look

Spring Nail Patch trends move into our wardrobes! It remains for us to give it all to your fingertips. Here are shopping for nail patch trends for spring 2015 2016.

Nail Patch

Every season is the same. Any self-respecting Fashionista glides gently in depression strength to looker the same way 6 months ago. Fortunately the new trends are there to break our boredom. Tornado in our wardrobes, new trends this spring are here and there are well adapt to your fingertips!

5 Nail Patch Shoppers for Spring 2013-

Luckily, cosmetics brands we have surprises for spring. The example is Revlon launches three original polish lines for spring 2013. But we’ll focus specifically on these little magic stickers that adorn our nails girly patterns. For spring 2013, we patch our nails black and white trend.

5 Nail Patch Shoppers for Spring 2013-0

Two versions! the Nail Art Patch Houndstooth 9 € at Sephora & nails stickers Mounting Topshop at the same price. If fashion this spring 2013 takes you back in the 90s, you’ll be a fan of multicolored zigzag pattern Sephora Nail Patch Art always 9 €.

5 Nail Patch Shoppers for Spring 2013-01

Tropical nail patch trend for spring in 10 parts shopper will be completed by the nails stickers Chelsea Topshop € 9 which, humorous oscillate between Tahiti and Tati.

5 Nail Patch Shoppers for Spring 2013-02

The favorite of the editorial focuses on the design neo pop kaleidoscope of flowers at Asos to 8.67 € for dementia claws. What do you want to adopt trends spring on your nails?

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