5 Questions For Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Ready-To-Wear


Haute Couture Ready-To-Wear designer visual artist, Iris van Herpen pushes the definition of fashion for several seasons at the Haute Couture shows for the Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 the Dutch unveils its first collection of ready-to-wear; fashion Media wanted to meet her. Foray into the world of those who knew sensual stiffness often specific to the avant-garde.

Could you describe Iris van Herpen in a few words?

Iris van Herpen explores her curiosity and her philosophy of life through fashion.

What is the essence of your approach?

I am constantly looking for new opportunities in terms of materials, cuts, shapes, techniques and femininity. Change is crucial for me. My interests are wide. Philosophy, science, biology, nature, dance, art, body, identity, beauty, interdisciplinary disciplines…

Haute Couture Ready-To-Wear

Your creations are more than just clothes. What is fashion for you today and Haute Couture?

It is strange that my heart is attached to the Haute Couture while Dutch culture today in terms of dress is horrible. I feel sad when I see most people and how they dress. Nobody wants to be noticed or attract attention so most choose looks dull and boring. The “casual” is the poverty of modern fashion. People wear today as a uniform with my Couture I try to show a vision of the fashion highlights and expresses individuality. In this sense, I see the future as Haute Couture fashion. I hope this will give a little balance in a world where most clothes are made purely on a commercial basis without innovation, without knowledge or without passion. Tradition as Haute Couture needs new foundations to stay alive and grow for me it is important to understand the essence of Couture and then take a new path with her.

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How did you translate this energy, innovations and this idea into your Couture collection ready-to-wear?

With Couture I discovered many techniques and new materials experimenting endlessly. This manual labor and these special materials are translated into details in my ready-to-wear. Cuts of clothing have also been adapted to a daily figure of more “portable”. I also added a wider range of fabrics, silk, wool, suede…

5 Questions For Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Ready-To-Wear-

Your creations are a little “crazy” but what is your style?

I do not have a style but opposites When I create I do not care what I look like, I can wear a sweatshirt and jogging old ugly. But the weekend or on special occasions I like to wear clothes dear to my heart, clothes that make me feel better. Then I can wear one of my pieces Couture and now a part of my collection of ready-to-wear!

5 Questions For Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Ready-To-Wear-

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