The 10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Makeup Artist For The Wedding Day


Makeup artist for the wedding day, it is your wedding soon and you hesitate to call an (an) makeup (is) here are 5 good reasons to think.

If you thought a makeup artist would be unnecessary for your wedding day, think well. You know that you want to be as beautiful as possible on this day, so it’s something you need to make sure you hire a specialist who deals with make-up.

Makeup ArtistA professional makeup artist will help you to look dazzling during your wedding, while you will be wonderful in the photos that will sustain your life. Here are some of the key reasons for hiring a professional makeup artist.

The bridal make-up is as simple as we have it in our heads for the big day when the appointment comes with the makeup artist who will make-up your make-up for the day, it will be so complex.

As we have said several times, bridal makeup should fit perfectly and complete your wedding dress. So good, before you start your make-up tests, you have decided on your wedding dress.

If the bridal gown you have chosen is vintage-style then the following ideas will find it very helpful and we hope to help you shine the big day!

  1. Less Stress

When you hire a makeup artist, you can automatically sit and relax while the makeup takes care of you. It will give you the opportunity to relax on this day, which will certainly be quite turbulent without having to worry about makeup and whether the line of eyeliner is right in both eyes.

  1. Select color palette

Makeup Artist For Wedding DayProfessional makeup artists know and understand how to choose the right colors for the skin of each sane, which is more an art than a science.

  1. Quality makeup products

Many makeup artists are very well stocked with products intended for use in high-definition photography and video. These products are usually more expensive and are not worth buying just for your wedding day. Adding the professional application of these expensive products is a bonus that will help you look as beautiful and glamorous as possible on your wedding day.

  1. You will miss a beautiful day (and night)

The makeup artist’s professional make-up products are durable and flexible. When you hire a makeup artist for wedding makeup, you can rest assured that you will have the best effect throughout the wedding (both at the church and at the reception).

Professional products do not collapse like regular makeup products. Professional’s makeup artists who have worked on many faces definitely have many “tricks” to accentuate and elsewhere to make the shades required to highlight your best features.

5. To Be On Top Of Your Beauty

On the day you want to be bright normal this is the happiest day of your life! Not only that you will be to your advantage but also to hide any small imperfections which coincidentally appeared on the morning of D Day (like circles or buttons) a makeup done by a pro you will sublimate (if though!) and hide subtly and invisibly small inconvenience.Makeup Artist

6. To Receive Pro Advice

Your makeup you lavish advice in harmony with all the elements that will constitute your makeup, makeup habits (it is not to transform you but you are yourself … better!) dress, hairstyle, facial morphology, a color of eyes, taking into account your tastes. Take this opportunity to ask him a few tips for your everyday makeup.

7. For Keeping The Makeup Products

the technique used and the definition of your skin type for the proper use of the products are the guarantors of a good holding your makeup. Remember, it should be at the top until the end of the night. Enjoy asking what products are to be provided for alterations (lipstick, powder, paper towels, etc).

8. To Zen

Test before can be very useful not to stress you know exactly what you will look like the Day (why not try the same day as the wedding hairstyle?) And you can test the products used, and whether the feeling going on with your makeup. Make a test well in advance so you return if you are disappointed. Know that makeup can be booked up to 6 months to a year before the wedding!

9. To Save Time

the day plans an hour. I know this may seem long but it will take less time if you are not gifted in handling brushes and colors. With emotion, fatigue, stress mom, a gradient, or a pencil may seem insurmountable. And there instead of undoing, redo, … we let go relax. If she comes home it’s even better over the stress of rain caps …

10. Everything a bride needs to discuss with her wedding day must be hair and makeup artist

Between the place, the photographer and the dress, all the elements of the wedding day have come together to make your dream day a reality. To make sure you choose the best hair and makeup, we’ve designed all the questions you should ask your stylist before your big day.

Before booking

What services do you offer? Lead makeup artist and hairstylist Marcia Nogueira of The Beauty Studio notes that the first thing you should confirm is that the professional will provide just the services you are looking for, including airbrush makeup, false eyelashes or extensions.

Can I see your past work and reviews?

Nowadays, many professionals make it easy by publishing current work on their social media pages. You should also see reviews to let you know they are credible artists who have done weddings in the past and are reliable to provide an A + wedding experience.

Do you provide offsite services? “It is usually most comfortable for brides to get along in their own rooms with their closest friends and family,” notes Nogueira. Also, ask if the organizer requires a travel fee.

Do you have a maximum or a minimum number of applications to book? Especially when traveling, professionals may need a certain number of applications to book with. For example, if you are the only person in need of hair and make-up services, the artist may not want to book a full day for a client if they book a larger wedding party on the same date. Some may also have a maximum number of applications that they can run independently in a day.

Are there extra days when I should know something? Last-minute decisions such as extensions or false eyelashes mean additional work and resources for your artist, which means unexpected costs for you.

In your trial

Bring photos of your look. A person’s idea of “natural” may be “smokey” to another person, so it’s best to bring with you visual representations of what you look like as you walk down the aisle.

Tell them how much make-up you are used to wearing. When it comes to makeup applications, the levels of comfort vary. So do not assume that your makeup artist knows what feels and feels normal to you. Keep the communication channels open and do not be afraid to let them know how much make-up you wear every day.

Inform her about your wedding details. “Of course, you want your makeup to match the theme of your wedding, so it’s important that you tell your artist all your wedding details, such as color, location/weather, length of the wedding, cut of a dress, and more,” says Nogueira. Have an outdoor wedding in warm weather? You’ll want a heat-resistant hairstyle and lots of anti-humid sprays.

Are there any skincare/hair care tips that you can take note of prior to the wedding? To make sure your makeup and hair look as flawless as possible, make sure your skin and hair are in the best possible condition. You can also inquire with your hairdresser about extensions, stains or smoothing treatments.

Are there any products I should buy to keep them in my bag? Of course, your pros will do everything in their power to make your hair and makeup look good all night, but ask for last-minute beauty shots that you should have in case you have had to repaint , Nogueira suggests that you keep your lipstick, powder, and tissues in your bridal bag so you’ll be flawless for the long night ahead of you.

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